MMA 101

Killer Combos

Blackzilian striking coach Henri Hooft demonstrates two of his favorite combos for putting opponents on the canvas. These two combos utilize punches with a kick/knee finish. Perform the combos smoothly—light on the feet, balanced, poised to strike, and without unnecessary footwork.


1) I begin in an orthodox fighting stance.

2) I throw a straight right hand, while pushing hard off my back foot and twisting my hips and shoulders so that they face my opponent.

3) At the point of full extension, I snap my right hand back to my chin in case my opponent throws a counter-punch, as I prepare to throw a straight left hand.

4) I throw a straight left hand to keep the pressure on my opponent.

5) I snap my left hand back to protect my chin, and I throw a straight right hand that blocks my opponent’s right hand. I keep my chin tucked so my opponent can’t land a left hook.

6) Now that my opponent is exposed, I twist my hips and throw a right outside kick to his knee and thigh.


1) After starting in an orthodox stance, I snap my left jab to my opponent’s chin.

2) I follow the jab with a straight right hand to my opponent’s chin.

3) While my opponent expects a left hook (traditional 1-2-3 combo), I take a step forward and to the side with my right leg and snake my left arm behind his head.

4) As I block the back of my opponent’s head with my left arm, I drive off my right leg and deliver a powerful left knee to his face or body.

Notice how I twist my wrist and snap my shoulder when I throw a punch. This increases the power and accuracy of the strike.

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