Batten down the hatches!

Louisiana is known for its spicy dishes, and Shreveport native Laura Moro is as hot as they come. In between her modeling gigs and ring girl work, the green-eyed beauty set sail to try and cool off, but the high sea is where things heated up.

Where are you calling home these days?

Shreveport, Louisiana.

I can already hear the twang in your voice.

What can I say? I’m a country girl.

It’s crawfish season in Louisiana right now. Are you excited?

Very. I’ve already had two crawfish boils. I’ll be doing it all summer long. Crawfish and Bud Light—that’s how Louisiana girls do it.

What does a girl do for fun in Shreveport on a Friday night?

I love to go out dancing, and I gamble a lot. There are tons of casinos.

What’s your game of choice?


Do you play black/red or do you have a favorite number?

No favorite number. I just go with my gut feeling. Actually, I’ve always been pretty lucky, so I stick with that technique. A couple of weeks ago, I won $2000.

What did you do with your winnings?

I paid my car note and then went shopping. A girl needs to shop [laughing].

Your birthday is this month. How many spankings are you getting?

23, and a pinch to grow on.

How are you going to celebrate?

I wanna take a trip somewhere. Hopefully the weather is nice and I can go to the beach.

What’s on your bday wish list?

Diamond earrings, and I want a boat so I can go on the lake all the time. A girl can dream, can’t she? I sell boats at a big place down here, and being around them all the time, I can’t help but want one.

You were on a boat all day for your shoot. Do you have your sea legs?

Definitely. I’ve only gotten sick on a boat once, and that’s probably because I had a little too much to drink [laughing]. But I feel right at home on a boat. I love going to the lake or off the coast.

You’ve done some ring card girl work for the Louisiana-based MMA promotion Ring Rulers. How is that gig treating you?

I love it. I’m still doing it. They’re working on hosting an event in Vegas soon. So, I’m hoping that happens, because that would be very cool. Roulette wheel, here I come [laughing].

Who’s your favorite fighter?

Chuck Liddell, but I haven’t seen much of him lately, so maybe it’s time to pick a new one.

Stick with Chuck, he’s legit. How do you stay in such good shape?

Lunges…that’s it. I don’t go to the gym. I just walk around my apartment doing lunges back and forth. I have a big booty, and everyone talks about it. I’ve got to keep that baby in shape.

What’s your favorite physical feature?

My booty gets the most attention, but I’d rather have a compliment on my eyes. Hey guys, my eyes are up here [laughing].

When you’re not boiling crawfish or lunging around the house, what keeps you entertained?

I love to have paintball wars with my friends. It makes me feel like I’m in the Army. I like to go four-wheeling, too. I grew up with three older brothers, so I’m not afraid to get dirty.

Were they tough on you?

Let’s just say that I didn’t have a boyfriend for very long when I was growing up.

Do you have a boyfriend now?

Yes, for about two years.

Your brothers aren’t doing a very good job anymore. How did this one get your attention?

He acted like he didn’t like me. It worked. When you’re annoying, it’s so obvious.

Your last Tweet that I read said: “This laughing gas at the dentist is niceeee… haha.” Would you care to expound on that statement?

[Laughing] That statement should explain itself. They gave me so much laughing gas that I couldn’t stop giggling. Everyone at the office was laughing at me. It was awesome. They had that machine turned up to the second level the whole time. I got high as hell [laughing]. I love going to the dentist now.

Besides being the only person who likes going to the dentist, what’s one thing that a lot of people don’t know about you?

I’m a pretty good cook. I can make a serious pot of gumbo.

What’s your short-term career plan? Gumbo chef? Paintballer? Sailboat captain?

I’m going to give the modeling thing a solid effort. So far, it’s been great. I’ve gotten to travel to cool places like Miami and NYC. I’m going to Hawaii this month for a shoot. Eventually, I actually want to be a kindergarten teacher. I went to University of Louisiana at Monroe where I was studying to be a pharmacist, but I decided to switch to education. I’ll finish up sometime soon and then go deal with five-year-olds all day.

The five-year-olds can wait. Stick to the modeling.

Sounds like a plan to me. Thanks for the boat ride [laughing].

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