MMA 101

Double Leg Drill

Before you can walk, you’ve got to learn to crawl. The same goes for MMA. There’s no sense in learning shot variations (like running the pipe or single-leg cutbacks) if your double-leg takedown isn’t solid. This simple double-leg drill—broken down into five movements—emphasizes proper form. Don’t worry about doing it with speed until you’ve mastered the movements. Take your time and do it right. UFC lightweight Efrain Escudero helps us get back to basics with his favorite double-leg finish to side control.

1) Face your opponent in your preferred stance. Efrain is in a southpaw stance with his right leg forward.

2) Efrain changes levels by bending his knees and lowering his hips. He keeps his back straight, butt down, and head up.

3) Efrain drives forward with a penetration step, bringing his right knee to the mat and his left leg to the outside of his opponent’s stance. Efrain drops his hands behind his opponent’s knees and drives his shoulder into his opponent’s stomach. Efrain continues to keep his back straight and head up.

4) Efrain explodes off his left leg and drives his opponent 90 degrees. Efrain lifts his opponent’s right leg with his left arm while using his right arm to post on his opponent’s left knee (it’s a windmilling motion). Efrain continues to use his shoulder and head to drive his opponent 90 degrees.

5) Efrain elevates his opponent while driving 90 degrees and finishes the double-leg takedown in side control.

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