MMA 101

Countering the lead straight right.

As the owner of T’s KO Fight Club/Gym in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and Grudge Training Center in Denver, Trevor Whitmann has established himself as one of the top striking coaches in MMA. Notable students of his include Rashad Evans, Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt and many others. Here Trevor demonstrates one of his favorite simple counters to the lead straight right.


1) Trevor squares up in a neutral stance with his opponent, and anticipates the incoming attack.

2) His opponent fires a right straight which Trevor defends with a downward parry. He backs up his defense by keeping his rear hand high, and moving his head down and away from the line of attack. Be sure not to lean back or you will be unable to counter effectively.

3) Trevor then shifts his weight to his lead leg, while pivoting off the ball of his rear foot. In an upward corkscrew motion he delivers an uppercut to the chin of his opponent.

4) Making sure to keep his rear hand high to protect against a counter left, Trevor delivers a tight, follow up left hook of his own to finish the combo.  

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