MMA 101

Outlaw Killer

They don’t call Carlos Condit “The Natural Born Killer” for nothing. Condit’s in-your-face fighting style helped him win 27 fights and the WEC Welterweight Championship over the course of his 32-fight career. In addition, Condit is the only man to KO Dan Hardy, and while both Condit and Hardy threw the exact same left hook, Condit’s setup is what allowed him to score the KO. With the help of training partner Marc Stevens, Condit shows FIGHT! readers the Outlaw Killer.

1) Condit and Stevens square-off in right-handed stances.

2) As Stevens steps in to engage, Condit stops him in his tracks with a check kick in order to maintain range and get Stevens to lean back on his heels, which reduces his power.

3) Stevens and Condit both throw right straights, however, Stevens is back on his heels due to the check kick.

4) Stevens and Carlos both exchange left hooks. Stevens is still on his heels, so he is unable to generate enough power to KO Condit. However, Condit has settled into a low stance with his weight on his front toes and is able to generate more power to deliver a devastating punch.

5) Although both fighters landed the same punch, Condit scores the knockout thanks to his set up and low stance.

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