Editor's Letter September 2011

Random luck of the draw. This past weekend in Las Vegas I experienced a good bit of it as I watched the dealer casually flip card after card. Sometimes tilting the odds in my favor, sometimes throwing my chances out the window. You can count, do the math, and every so often feel confident the deck is stacked in your favor, but in the end, there’s nothing you can do about random dumb luck. Or is there? Sometimes, as if preordained, things just seem to fall into place for a reason.

In the case of Carlos Condit, that reason is the UFC Welterweight Belt and the recognition that goes along with it. Already a champion in the WEC, Condit has never really enjoyed the same notoriety as many of his UFC counterparts, even after dismantling some and showing enough grit and determination to outlast others. With the removal of Nick Diaz from the main event of UFC 137, Condit finds himself facing his greatest challenge yet in the vaunted Georges St. Pierre. Most mortals would shy away from such an unenviable task, but Condit seems confidently at ease with the turn of events. Some in his camp might even tell you it’s because it wasn’t luck at all, that he was destined to be here all along. On October 29th, we’ll find out if the outcome of the contest goes the way the oddsmakers predict or if Condit will realize his dream, dumb luck be damned.

Ladd Dunwoody


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