MMA 101

Bowled Over

Brian Bowles knows a thing or two about consistency—just ask Damacio Page, who Bowles submitted twice…in the first round…at exactly 3:30…with the exact same guillotine. With the help of The HardCore Gym coach Chad Shafer, Bowles demonstrates the combo that felled Page for the second time, followed by his guillotine finish.

THE 1, 4, 2 COMBO

1) The key to this combo is establishing the jab and getting your opponent to react to it. Once you see that he is slipping to the inside, you can anticipate his movement and follow up.

2) As your opponent slips to the inside, push off the ball of your back foot, and follow up with an uppercut to the chin.

3) Continue to roll your weight to your lead leg and rotate your torso and shoulder over the top to catch him falling away with a right hook.


1 ) Once your opponent is grounded, control his ankles to protect yourself from the up-kick. You can even block one of the legs by stepping over it. Continue to control your opponent’s right ankle with your left hand, and deliver a straight right to his head.

2) Using your downward momentum, follow the straight right with a right elbow to the head, while controlling your opponent’s right arm with your left hand. Now, bait your opponent by giving him a little space to turn into your body.

3) Block his head with your knee and lock in an arm-in guillotine by overhoooking with your left arm and bringing your right arm under his chin. Cup your hands and place the grip on you opponent’s trachea while rolling to your right side. Arch your back and squeeze your grip as you bring your left leg over your opponent’s back while using your right leg to block your opponent’s left leg.

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