Get Roped In

And you thought ropes were only good for tug-of-war.

Over the last few years, the rope has become a popular training tool with fighters for the development of power, power endurance, and improved cardiac capacity. The development of these abilities is created by rapidly moving the rope in multiple directions as quickly as possible.

There are a number of ways that the rope can be used in training, and the four exercises below—demonstrated by UFC lightweight Jim Miller—are a great strength and conditioning regimen that are a perfect way to close out your day at the gym…and it takes less than 12 minutes.

To begin, hold the ends of the rope (it should be anchored to the wall or a weight) in each hand. Perform each of the four exercises (back-to-back) for 20 seconds. After one set, rest for two minutes and repeat for three more sets.


Bring your arms up and down as violently as possible. Snap the rope up and down in order to create as large of a wave in the rope as possible.


Bring each arm up and down in an alternating fashion as fast as possible. The goal is to create large waves in each of the ropes.


Perform large rotations to the outside of the body by bringing each arm up and out to the sides and back down as quickly as possible.

The wave should develop in a circular fashion.


Perform by snapping one arm to the opposite side as fast as possible and then quickly repeat on the other side with the opposite arm..

The wave formed should run parallel to the ground.

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