Editor's Letter September 2011

Generally soft spoken and reserved, Brian Bowles may not be the first fighter that comes to mind when wondering “who is on the next cover of FIGHT!?” But the former WEC Bantamweight Champ’s demeanor is exactly what had us curious as to what made him tick. Bowles took a lot of flack when he surrendered
his title to Cruz due to a broken hand or, if you ask his critics, a lack of heart. When asked if the barrage of ensuing trash talk bothered him, Brian nonchalantly shrugged it off, saying he didn’t realize there was so much talk about it and that he doesn’t pay any attention to what people say anyway. You can’t throw a stone without hitting someone that will tell you to ignore what other people think, but there are few that actually adhere to that advice. With Bowles, however, there is a matter-of-fact honestly that rings true. The fact that he chose not to continue the fight based on a pragmatic assessment of his situation while giving no weight to how he may be perceived, reveals an interesting layer to his character. Whether it’s the type of character that fans of “do or die” bravado can appreciate is something Managing Editor Jim Casey went to Athens to find out. Turn to page 56 to discover a little more about what went into building Brian Bowles and you may be surprised by what you find out.

Ladd Dunwoody


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