So Many Videos, So Little Time: UFC 109 Edition


Once again Danny Acosta and Rick Lee teamed up to shoot video of nearly everyone they passed by during UFC 109 weekend. If you feel like killing half an hour or so you’ll find links below to interviews with Matt Serra, Melvin Guillard, Antonio Banuelos, Phil Davis, Ray Longo, Randy Couture, Neil Melanson, Erin Toughill, Matt Lindland and Marc Munoz. If you’re in a hurry, though, I recommend checking out at least the first four.

Matt Serra: When That Music Comes On My Nipples Get Hard

Melvin Guillard: I’m Not A Failure

John Howard: The Beef Is Real

Antonio Banuelos: With Great Mustache Comes Great Responsibility

Phil Davis: I Got A Lot To Work On

Neil Melanson & Erin Toughill

Matt Lindland: He Came Through

Ray Longo: If He Hits Ya He’s Gonna Hurt Ya

Marc Munoz: Fighting Is A Family Affair

Randy Couture: I Was Prepared For The Best Mark Coleman

Chris Tuchscherer: I’m Ready to Rock and Roll

Shawn Tompkins: If He Wins, I Win

John Gunderson: I Was Stoked


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