Win UFC 102 on DVD, CrimeCraft Video Game & FIGHT! Shirt


I’m sitting on a mountain of schwag this month so we’re doing another combo prize pack. The first person who correctly answers five questions about the contents of this month’s issue of FIGHT! will win not only a copy of UFC 102 on DVD and a FIGHT! shirt but a copy of the new first-person shooter PC video game CrimeCraft. First complete, correct set of answers posted below wins. Godspeed.

1. According to Chad Waterbury, what are the three mistakes a fighter makes?
2. What brand of fight short is Jon Jones wearing on the cover?
3. Who is this month’s FIGHT! girl?
4. Who is Mayhem pictured training with on page 76?
5. Who did we spend five minutes with in this month’s issue of FIGHT! Magazine.

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