Vancouver Flash Mob Fights for MMA Rights

(Photo courtesy of Peter Gordon.)

A fight broke out on a busy Vancouver street on Sept. 12 but no one was arrested. The fight took place in the middle of the day in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, a popular location for impromptu protests and performance art, and it was a little of both. Planned and executed in part by MMA trainer and gym owner Ali Taghinejad, the flash mob-style fight was intended to protest the “minor, stupid details” that are preventing the Vancouver City Council from legalizing and regulating MMA, which is wildly popular in the Canadian city. The “flash fight” is just one element of Taghinejad’s efforts to legalize the sport. Versus21 also features a petition page on its website where MMA fans can voice their opinion.

Go here to read the full Vancouver Sun story and see the photos.

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