Maysa Quy

The latest and greatest fi nd for Strikeforce comes in the form of California born and bred Maysa Quy. We chatted with the Vietnamese hottie about the best movie ever made, her favorite band, and…gasp…her boyfriend!

So, tell us how you got involved with Strikeforce.

It actually started through MySpace. A friend of mine saw that Strikeforce was having a contest for their next ring girl, and told me about it. I entered the contest and won. Had my fi rst gig a couple of weeks later…it’s been great.

How long is the deal?

It’s a one year deal. I am also the spokesmodel for FightShop as part of the deal.

Have you always been an MMA fan?

Oh yeah, I used to do Muay Thai and stuff. My boyfriend is really into it too.

Uh oh…you have a man!!!

Yes, yes. We live together and have been together for over two years. He used to train Jiu-Jitsu. A friend of his owns AKA (American Kickboxing Academy).

So what’s next for Maysa?

Well, I’m just looking to fi nish school. I’m a junior at San Jose State, majoring in marketing. Once that is over, we’ll see from there.

What do you do for fun at San Jose State?

I love to dance! I’m a house music junkie, so if there some bumping around, I’ll be shaking it.

Ok, what’s the best movie ever made?

40 Year Old Virgin…with Knocked Up a close second.

Truly a woman after our own hearts. If you said Driving Miss Daisy, the interview was over! Got a favorite band?

I love Linkin Park and Metallica…[pauses for nearly thirty seconds] But my all-time favorite is Janet Jackson.

You were about to hold out on us, huh?

NOOO! Janet is where I got all my moves!

We got all our moves from the Chris Farley Chippendales skit on Saturday Night Live. It’s pretty sad. Thanks for your time Maysa. We look forward to seeing you dance around the ring very soon.

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