Locked and Loaded

A year later, we check in with one of the fi rst beauties to grace both the pages of FIGHT! and the vaunted Octagon. Amber Nichole Miller gives us the low down on blast ing mortars in the Middle East, her bowling average, and the possibility of seeing her again in the UFC.

So Amber, I hear you’re headed overseas again soon.

Yeah, last year I went to Afghanistan, and this year I’m going to Kuwait.

Who are you going out there with?

I’m going with Pro MVP Sports. I think this year Heath Herring is going, but I’m not sure yet who the other fi ghters are going to be.

How was the fi rst trip out there?

Oh it was an awesome experience. People think the guys just want to see girls, but it’s not like that at all, they really just want to talk to anyone about anything other than the war. You know we rode around on blackhawks and then one got shot down the second day I was there, right after we’d fl own out of the same airport. Pretty crazy.

So did you get to shoot anything cool?

Yeah, machine guns, mortars, and I got to shoot a .50 cal

Kuwait is a long way from your home state of Colorado. What was it like growing up out west?

Growing up in Colorado was really nice. I never paid attention to people driving expensive cars or wearing designer labels, that’s just not Colorado. It’s very laid back there. I kinda miss that aspect of it. Everyone there is really healthy and down to Earth.

You seem to retain a lot of that attitude.

I think a big reason for that is because when I moved to Vegas I moved here with my family. It keeps me grounded to have them to fall back on. I also have them to answer to for making poor decisions.

So when did you move to Vegas?

About 12 years ago.

And where are you working now?

I’m at The Palms, bartending at Moon and I made up a job, I’m the fun enforcer.

Nice. What does the fun enforcer do?

The fun enforcer makes sure everything is going well, from the music sounding good, to checking on the VIP’s, to bringing bachellorettes to the tables with all the guys.

Sweet, we’ll be looking for the fun enforcer next time we’re out there.

So where is Moon?

It’s connected to Playboy in the new fantasy tower. I was there until 5:30am last night. It helps with the modeling though because I can do an all day photoshoot and still go to my regular job.

How do you work in a smoky club until the wee hours, and still show up fresh for your shoots?

I drink a lot of water before I go to bed and I try to stay healthy and work out at least 3 times a week. I wakeboard or snowboard on the weekends too and um, I’m an avid bowler.

A bowler? really?

Yes, I love bowling. I have my own ball and shoes and bag. Haha, I’m the full nerd

That’s so great, are you on a bowling team? Please tell me you are.

No, but we totally want one because we have a group of friends that always go with us. I do have my own bowling name though.

Dare I ask?

It’s Muffi n. It’s on my ball and everything. I told you I am like full nerd, haha.

Priceless. What sort of numbers do you put up?

I bowled a 158 the other night, but I average about 140

Not bad! So are you involved with MMA at all anymore?

I am to a certain degree. I just did a shoot for MMA Fix which is a new website that’s going to be really cool. I’m also working on this project called Devour TV. I’ll be doing little segments where I’ll be teaching you how to do something. It’s basically like Maxim meets RawVegas. So far I’ve done a segment on how to handle and drive a boat, and how to wakeboard. I’ll be doing one on cooking and probably gardening as well. As long as I can be at home or doing something active I’m pretty happy.

Do you like doing the homemaker thing?

Oh defi nitely, I’m totally Sally homemaker. Being raised the way I was, my mom is that type of person.

So we haven’t seen you at any of the UFC’s lately, what’s up with that?

Yeah, I haven’t been to many lately, but I was at The Pearl for UFC Fight Night recently.

Well we hope you can make it out to another one soon.

Oh I would love too, I’m still talking with Dana and we’re trying to fi gure out a way for me to come back in some aspect.

For those readers that might not remember, you’ve been close to the UFC for a long time.

Oh yeah, I’ve always had a really great relationship with the UFC and the Fertitas. I used to work at a club in one of their hotels, and I met them and that was how I became one of the fi rst ring girls. Then I got a manager who pretty much completely severed my ties with with Xyience and the UFC in one fell swoop. It sucked because the UFC was basically like my home.

Would you ever have any interest in being a UFC ring girl again?

I wouldn’t mind that, I mean I have a lot of people tell me they’d love to see me do that again, but I think I’d rather move past that now and do some sort of hosting, interviewing, or something in that capacity.

We’ll be keeping our fi ngers crossed for more Amber Nichole in the MMA scene soon. Thanks for the time Amber and we’ll keep our eyes open for you!

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