Diamond In The Rough

For most working young models, a spokesmodel gig with RawVegas, MMAFix. com or Spike TV would be a dream come true, but for a seasoned pro like Andrea Tiede it’s just another day in the offi ce. This month we visit sin city to get a glimpse at this rare…Diamond In The Rough

So Andrea, how did you end up living out here in sin city?

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, in Henderson to be exact.

Another Vegas native huh? How did that treat you growing up?

Well, I spent a lot of time outdoors. I have two brothers, so there was a lot of lizard catching with the boys and 4 wheeling. We used to go out to a place we called “truck jump.”

Uh oh.. this can’t be good.

Oh it was great. We’d race old beat up cars in the middle of the desert, it was so much fun!

So you’re sort of like a Vegas redneck?

Oh yes, I do enjoy my Coors Light, and I don’t leave home without a coozie.

Excellent! How old are you by the way?

I’m twenty-two, just a baby. But you’re exposed to a lot growing up in the middle of sin. I grew up pretty quickly.

Something tells me you’ve probably been running around the Vegas scene for more than one year, call it a hunch.

Got a hunch – bet a bunch! But yes, I have. Like I said, you are exposed to a lot here. I had my fi rst fake ID at 16.

Are you one of the evil ones?

Evil? Nah, just trouble, haha.

You’ve been getting into all sorts of good trouble with MMAFix.com and Rawvegas.tv, how has all that going for you?

Well, I have worked for RawVegas for over a year now covering Vegas based events, hosting red carpets, doing show reviews and that sort of thing.

Whats been your most interesting interview there?

I think every interview is interesting. Celebrities are characters.

Come on girl, we need some inside dirt!

Hmm, well Paris Hilton a while back had been quoted saying she votes for the President every year, so when I had my chance to slip in the question… “Who will you be voting for?” she turns to her PR, eyes as wide as a deer in headlights, smirks and draws a blank.


I mean come on. Every year?! Wow, wow, wow. She is a mess, BUT… hot (in Paris voice)

So.. a hot mess in other words.


What else have you been up to?

Well, I’m the spokesmodel for the MMA news site MMAFix.com and Skeletal Metal as well.

So who is your favorite fi ghter? That you’ve met in person I mean.

Forrest is by far my favorite fi ghter.

A Georgia boy huh? That’s certainly good to hear!

Gotta love those southern boys! We have mutual friends and I admire him just as much out of the cage. He has heart and I think people recognize that about him.

We tend to think so too, he’s a very real guy.

So switching gears, do you ever hit up the nightlife in Vegas? Did I really just bother to ask that?

Haha, I do go to the nightclubs, but I’m not a big drinker. I love to see people having a good time though, and I love to see drunk girls walking around the casino without their shoes. You can only see that on the strip.

Oh yes, seen it many times.

And people say Vegas has no class!

Where are some of your favorite places to go?

I’m partial to The Palms. I used to be a VIP host there. Everyone there is like family.

Do you hang out at Moon with Amber?

Yeah, I go up and have a drink with her when I get off work sometimes. She’s like my big sister.

That sounds like a formula for trouble for sure.

Oh yeah, It’s a champagne campaign!

So how do you avoid getting swarmed on when you’re in the club? Or are people sooo intimidated that they don’t even mess with this.

Oh I don’t avoid it… I welcome it!

Oh really?

I’m not rude, but if you are lame I will call you out. In a comical way, it’s all in fun.

So you’re single right now?

I am, I have this hunch it will stay that way for awhile. Unless prince charming decides to deliver me a witty pickup line on his unicorn sometime soon.

That would be a lucky prince charming.

I am fi ne getting lucky alone. Hahaha!

That is just so, so wrong, and by wrong I mean… nevermind.

What? I like blackjack! I’m hoping to win big!

Well you’re certainly in the right town for that. So give us some advice. What would Andrea say to Andrea if Andrea were hitting on Andrea in a bar?

If I were a guy hitting on myself… I‘d be wearing thick framed glasses. I’d be standing tall, lean and svelt. I’d probably be wearing something that screams “I love art, wine and long walks.” And I wouldn’t say a word. I’d just casually make glances Andrea’s way until the night was almost over. I would smile… not smirk, and bat my bedroom eyes. DONE DEAL… SOLD! I wouldn’t have to say a word because Andrea would come up to me and dazzle me with her sparkeling personality. Hahaha!

Well played dear.

I can’t be taken to seriously, but I do love it when men wear glasses.

Hmmm… I forsee a revival of lame non-prescription black frame glasses coming soon to a Las Vegas club near you.

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