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Another season of the UFC’s hit show The Ultimate Fighter is taping, with Quentin “Rampage” Jackson and Forrest Griffin as the coaches for the light heavyweight division. Rampage is a very funny character to coach some up and coming fighters. It also will be interesting to see what kind of coach Forrest is. Griffin seems to be a really good guy, but a lot of times, people take advantage of good guys.


In the past season of The Ultimate Fighter, Matt Hughes showed again, why a lot of MMA fans can’t stand him. First, he said Matt Serra isn’t a good champion and doesn’t set a good example because he “cusses” all the time. Meanwhile, Hughes sucks up to UFC president Dana White, who curses like the rest of us. Additionally, Hughes said Matt Arroyo wasn’t injured before his scheduled semifinal match with Mac Danzig. Arroyo is both a personal friend and a friend of the show. We know how tough Matt Arroyo is. He really was hurt, and could not compete at the level of a fighter like Mac Danzig, who was too experienced to be on the show. Hughes has no medical credentials to make calls about fighter injuries. This tactic shows Hughes to be a sore loser, and lacking in class. If he weren’t one of the best MMA fighters, he would be a lonely man. However, it was great to see Serra get under his skin.


Also seen on The Ultimate Fighter last season was Blake Bowman. If Mac Danzig was too good and too experienced to be on the show, Bowman was too soft and not skilled enough to be on a local amateur MMA card. He had absolutely no business in a serious fighting competition for the UFC. Bowman should give up fighting immediately and go back to obscurity where he belongs.


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Big John McCarthy has retired as a referee after thirteen years. McCarthy once appeared on our show in Las Vegas. What a gentleman, and credit to the sport. He gave credibility to the UFC as a mainstream sport because of his impartiality and straightforward calls in fights. We wish Big John the best in all his future endeavors.

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This past NFL season, Randy “The Natural” Couture gave the Green Bay Packers a pep talk after their loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The Pack sat in awe as they watched a highlight film of Couture. Even the great Brett Favre was giddy to meet Randy Couture.

So what did Randy think of speaking to the Packers? “It was nice sitting down with Brett, because he’s so much of a down to earth guy,” said Couture. “I’ve never done something like this before. The whole thing has been great.”


A great fighter, athlete, and competitor like Randy Couture is an inspiration to all. To see the toughest NFL quarterback of all time excited about Couture shows how far MMA has come in its quest for respect in the sports world.


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