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Fedor Emelianenko, thought by many to be the best fighter in the world, is also the first fighter to sign with M-1 Global. The new organization is owned by Sibling Sports, a division of Sibling Entertainment Group Holdings. The formerly Russia-based organization is headed by Monte Cox, a longtime MMA agent.

It has been reported that Fedor has a clause in his contract that would require M-1 Global to offer Couture a million dollars more than the UFC, so that the two can fight. As we all know by now, Randy Couture has resigned from the UFC, and has made it crystal clear that it is a resignation, not retirement from fighting.

Dana White, president of the UFC, was unable to come to terms with Fedor. Many speculate that was the reason for Couture’s resignation. However, Randy also said the

UFC has been disrespectful to him. It seems the UFC has always done well promoting Couture, but there are things we don’t know behind the scenes in any organization.

The fight on everyone’s mind is Fedor vs. Couture. But who knows if we are going to actually see it. Competition is good for any business; hopefully it will be good for MMA and the fans as well.

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It is great to see former WWE wrestler and national champion collegiate wrestler Brock Lesnar sign with the UFC. It looks like Lesnar will be fighting in February, at UFC 81 in Las Vegas. Lesnar has had one MMA fight, against a guy who really should not have been fighting him. Brock demolished Min Soo Kim (3-6) in less than seventy seconds. Hopefully, the UFC will give Lesnar a worthy opponent, so MMA fans can see what he is really made of in the octagon.

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It has been great to watch the personality clashes on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. Matt Serra is a guy that you could hang out with, and one you would have no problem giving your all for him in the ring. His coaching opponent is Matt Hughes. Hughes is an amazing athlete and fighter, but is coming off poorly because he seems to be a sore loser and somewhat of a control freak. Hughes also is pushing religion on his team. As Mac Danzig points out in one of the episodes, religion is a personal thing. It seems Hughes has no respect for anyone who might be atheist, Jewish, or even a Buddhist.

Serra wastes no opportunity to highlight what he sees as Hughes imposing his personal will on his team, constantly calling Matt Hughes an “arrogant dick.” The fight scheduled for December 29th for UFC 79 will be war for these two, and it will be personal.

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Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer defensive end Marcus Jones is now an MMA fighter, and recently made an appearance on our show. Jones trains at Gracie Tampa with current The Ultimate Fighter contestant Matt Arroyo, and former TUF contestant Allen “Monsta Lobstah” Berube. By all accounts, Marcus Jones is the real deal for the heavyweight division. He even stated on our show he would fight the Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp. Sapp and Jones were teammates on the Bucs for six years. Jones, along with many of us in Tampa, has stories of Warren Sapp being rude and obnoxious to fans. It would be great to see someone finally shut Sapp up; Warren stands no chance against the likes of a mixed martial artist as talented as Marcus Jones. Warren’s doughboy body would be gassed after thirty seconds in the cage with Jones. Unlike ex-NFL wide receiver Johnny Morton, who was knocked out cold at the LA Coliseum during his bout at a K-1 event, Marcus Jones is really taking MMA seriously. A class act, up and coming fighter Marcus Jones will go as far as he wants to in MMA.


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