Partial Lobe-otomy: Shigeyuki Uchiyama Loses Part of Ear At Pancrase Event

This weekend I received a cryptically titled e-mail from Japanese MMA photographer extraordinaire Susumu Nagao. A regular contributor to FIGHT! in print and online, Susumu attends all the major MMA events in the Land of the Rising Sun and I knew that “MMA accident photos” would have to be opened out of obligation if not morbid curiosity. What I found inside was far more troubling that anything I had imagined.

“I sent accident photos which teared off ear,” he wrote. (Forgive his English, I guarantee it’s better than your Japanese.) “It happened at Pancrase ring on June 2010. When Shigeyuki Uchiyama fought with Masaya Takita, his ear was teared off. He lost the fight by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at the 2nd round 2:57. I sent photos of this fight to your ftp server. The holder name is “lost ear by Susumu”.” MMAFighting’s Daniel Herbertson has a detailed account of what went down as well as at least one even more gruesome photo.

(That’s what I call gameness.)

(Can you ear me?)

(Can you ear me…now?)

(“So, uh, in my medical opinion this is f*cking gross and we’re going to go ahead and call it a night, go home, and cry ourselves to sleep while cradling a warm bottle of Suntory.”)

The partial lobe-otomy got us thinking about a handful of other stomach-churning modern-day MMA injuries, injuries like…

Jared Hess’ knee dislocation. Props to MiddleEasy.

Jason MacDonald’s disclocation fracture at UFC 113….

Diego Sanchez’s parting gift from BJ Penn…


Corey Hill’s leg disintegration at UFC Fight Night 16.

So you wanna be a f*ckin’ fighter?

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