10 Ultimate Answers

FIGHT! took Bas Rutten through a speed round of MMA questioning. Don’t worry, we watched out for the liver shot.

10. How do you sound cool when talking trash?

“Listen to Barry White, then talk like him.”

9. What’s the key to making weight?

“Eat, relax, have sex, then fight at heavyweight.”

8. Is there a secret to getting the crowd on your side?

“Fight an asshole.”

7. How do you increase hand speed?

“Catch flies with chopsticks.”

6. What’s the trick to kicking harder?

“Practice on pedophiles.”

5. How do you regain composure after getting knocked stupid?

“Don’t get knocked stupid.”

4.What’s the easiest way to get your hand raised?

“Hit/submit him before he can hit/submit you.”

3. Is picking up the ring girl possible?

“See ‘get your hand raised’ answer.”

2. How do you reduce the swelling of a black eye?

“Suck the blood out with a syringe.”

1. How do you get paid?

“Get paid double—it means you won.”

Bonus Question How do you get inside your opponent’s head?

“Shin kick him REALLY HARD!”

El Guapo’s 5 Favorites

DRINK: Fresh orange juice

SONG: Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

MOVIE: True Romance

MMA MOVE: Whatever my opponent gives me.

QUOTE: “If one is good, two is better.”

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