London Calling

There’s more than just Mike Bisping and tea and crumpets found in the UK. Louise Brunning, FIGHT! Magazine’s ring card beauty from across the pond, is proof of that. As if her stunning looks weren’t enough, she’s got the accent to go along with it. Like typing in the 30 man code in Contra, it’s not even fair.

Louise, tell us where you’re from. I’m from a little place called York… it’s in Surrey. It’s a really pretty, quiet countryside.

For the hardcore MMA purists out there…who is your favorite MMA fighter? Um, I think it would have to be Georges St. Pierre… sooo hot. Yummy.

Tell us something about you that people don’t know. I LOVE to do pole dancing. But that’s a big hush, hush. I sort of do it on the side, so…

Pole dancing. Very nice. So what do you do when you’re not pole dancing? Full time, I do something completely different, which is working in a finance department. So, completely different to any of this.

And finally, what kind of exercise do you do to keep in such amazing shape? Absolutely nothing! Don’t even know what exercise is apart from dancing!

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