Beach Bunny – Amanda Corey

Makeup & Hair by Lesley Thorton/ Wardrobe By Lydia Walters of TheStylist LA

If good things come in small packages, consider Xyience spokesmodel Amanda Corey the best package in the world. When the former Playboy Playmate isn’t hitting the beach for some fun in the sun, she’s raking in the chips at the blackjack table.

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Where are you calling home these days?
I’m 50 percent in Vegas and 50 percent in Huntington Beach, California.

Which do you like better?
The O.C. I’m a beach girl. I need the ocean and sand for my daily relaxing. But Vegas has its perks too. It’s beautiful, just too hot in the summer.

I hear you like to play a lot of blackjack?
I do. I tend to get crazy. I love it. It’s the competitor in me. I hate to lose. I’ll keep playing if I’m losing. But when I win, I stop.

What’s the most you’ve ever won in a single night of playing?
$7,000. I was in a casino down in the Bahamas for a bikini contest I used to do every year. They had a tournament—like 50 bikini models. I got to the final table, and they gave us $500 in real chips. I played on that until I got up to $7,000.

Do you split 7s when the dealer is showing a 6?
That’s a tough one. Yes, but I’m a huge believer in intuition. I definitely go the way I feel, so I don’t always follow the rules. I go with my gut.

image descI hear you have a good bar trick.
Yeah, I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order. I’ve got a lot of truckers in my family, so I always studied maps when I was young. I memorized all 50 of them.

Has it ever come in handy?
Yes. I used to do Hawaiian Tropics bikini contests, and they always ask you a question. They would give you the question beforehand so you wouldn’t clam up, and naming the states was always one of my talents. It got me first place.

So it had nothing to do with how you looked in a bikini?
Well [laughing], I’m sure the bikini part didn’t hurt.

Any other secret talents?
I used to be a cheerleader, so I’m very flexible. I’m doing a lot of yoga these days. I can do the scorpion pose.

Every guy reading this is now Googling “scorpion pose.”
Yeah [laughing], it’s harder than it looks.

It looks impossible. Honestly, how tall are you? No lies.
I’m 5’0” but I like to say 5’1” because I like to squeeze in that extra inch. But good things come in small packages.

What’s the hardest thing about being vertically challenged?
It’s hard to explain, but I’m so used to seeing things at a certain level. However, if I wear really tall heals, I can see so much more. When I take them off, I don’t get to see what everyone else sees. And moving through crowds is tough, but other than that, I love it.

You’ve been a spokesmodel for Xyience since 2010. What part of the job do you enjoy the most?
There is so much I love about Xyience. I didn’t know anything about the UFC before I started. The two best things are getting to know the fighters and traveling to all the cool places. Meeting new people, fighters, fans, and people in the industry opened a lot of doors for me. They are great people, and they have great products.

What’s your favorite Xyience product?
Their cherry lime Xenergy drink. It’s a little sweet and a little tart. I drink half a can every morning to get my day started.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
I’m still brainstorming. Last year, I was a loofah.

Come again?
[Laughing] Me and my friends were all different color loofahs. You know, the bathroom scrubs. We made the costumes ourselves.

Did anyone know what you were?
I had a bar of soap in my hands, so about 90 percent could figure it out, especially when we were in a group.

image descHow are you staying in shape for this year’s costume choice?
I like to do group classes at the gym. It helps keep me motivated. I like to do yoga on the sand, and I bike when I can. I’m pretty active. I’ll even run and play with my dogs. The best part is, I usually eat what I want, so I don’t pay attention to my diet that much.

What’s your food weakness?
Desserts. Actually, Oreo cookies. I’ll have two, then go back and get two more, and then two more. It’s hard to stop.

You appeared in Playboy a few years ago. Is it liberating or scary to be naked in print?
It was liberating. I had been to the Playboy Mansion and met Hef prior, so I knew what to expect. Everyone was so nice. I’m really proud of it.

I think we all are. Are you ready for the Speed Round?
Go for it.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Do you have a high score?
I haven’t been lately. Right now, probably something like 110.

That’s awful.
[Laughing] I didn’t say I was the best.

Favorite fighter?
Dan Hardy. We do a lot of work together for Xyience. He’s great.

What food makes you gag just by thinking about it?
I hate the spice chipotle. Anything with that sauce or flavor—barf.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without a shower?
Three days when I was camping. But I need my daily shower.

What movie can you watch no matter how many times you’ve seen it?
Due Date.

Favorite vacation spot?
It was the Bahamas. But I just went to Turkey for a wedding. It was incredible.

What Pandora station are you on?
I rotate between Biggie Smalls, Kanye West, and Rihanna.

Ever been in a fist fight?
Once, when I was in ninth grade. It was over a boy.

Did you win?
It was more about pulling hair back then. It was a draw.

If you could punch someone right now, who would it be?
[Laughing] I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Keep on loving. We’ll take care of the fighting.

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