Kenda Perez – Too Hot to Handle

It’s been exactly two years since Kenda Perez graced the pages of FIGHT!, and believe us when we tell you, she missed us. Sure, we’ve been celebrating Kenda Perez Day on our own, but we had to check in to see how the Maxim “Hot 100” was doing as the host of The Best of Pride Fighting Championships on Fuel TV and Bleacher Report’s The Ultimate Show.

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Looks like you’ve been busy the last two years?
I’ve been traveling a lot, filming, doing shoots, all that fun stuff. We are in our third season of The Best of Pride. It’s all been filmed. I do some voiceover stuff in L.A. and Vegas, and we film The Ultimate Show every Monday in Orange County. So that keeps me busy.

Do you like voiceover or hosting better?
Well, I definitely love being on camera, and I like interacting. The Best of Pride is more of a formal show, a stick to the script kind of thing. With The Ultimate Show, we get to interact with fighters, visit their gyms, do little Twitter updates, and stuff like that. It’s a little more personal for me, and I really enjoy that.

image descWhy haven’t we seen a Kenda blooper reel yet?
I’m sure they have more than enough footage. I’m kind of glad they haven’t made one. When I get fighter’s names wrong, I’m known to have a potty mouth. They could probably make a rap video of my cussing.

Yeah, let’s autotune it. Is there a Kenda Perez R&B album coming out soon, Arianny style?
I’m definitely not trying to become a singer, but I do like to sing. Actually, just before you called me, I was singing Ciara.

Is that what you put on when family comes over, or do you go with classical?
I am very eclectic with music. I love everything—country, ‘80s music, heavy metal, rap, R&B, I like all of it. It pretty much depends on my mood and who I’m around. But I literally love all of it. Even country. I know everyone says they love everything except country, but I like country, too. I got that from my Dad.

Name five country artists that you listen to.
Randy Travis, who I think just had a stroke. Faith Hill. And then, of course…who else? You’re testing my music skills. I can only name two. Sorry, I wasn’t prepared.

Let’s go Inside the Actor’s Studio here. What’s your favorite curse word?
I say “fuck” a lot. Do you have a beeper to beep that out?

Nah, we’re a magazine, we leave ‘em in. Speaking of magazines, Maxim is up for sale for $20 million.
Oh wow, okay. Well, I do have that lying around. I’ll buy that.

image descHow does the “Kenda Perez Hotties Contest” sound to you?
To be the judge of these hotties, that’s a pretty important job. That’s stressful. I know thousands and thousands of girls submit their pictures every year, and there’s only a handful that actually get in. But I’m sure there’s somebody in that office that is enjoying every second of it. I love Maxim. Just this past year, they had their annual Maxim “Hot 100” where they rank all the celebrities, and we had a party in L.A., and I got to be a part of that this year. [Kenda placed 92, between In-N-Out Burger heiress Lynsi Torres and American Dreams’ Allison Williams].

What’s a characteristic about said “Hotties” that people wouldn’t expect?
I think a lot of people expect these gorgeous women to be really snobby and not cook and not be athletic, and I can’t speak for everybody, but that’s not necessarily true. A lot of them are down to earth and—as intimidated as you might be of them—very approachable. And some of them even have wife skills—cleaning, cooking, and they take pride in working out. I know people don’t normally associate that, people just think everything falls at their feet.

We know you hate to work out, or so you told us a couple of years ago. Do you have wife skills?
I have never had a maid, so I’m very adamant about cleaning my own house, because I feel like if I don’t do it, it’s not done right. Anybody that knows me, knows that the first thing I do when I come back from vacation is pull out my vacuum and Windex. I’m not saying I’m the best cook, but I’ve taken some classes to up my skills. 

So you say these “Hot 100” girls are approachable, how does one approach?
For a guy to approach an attractive girl that they might be intimidated by, some guys take themselves way too seriously, and they’re too focused on impressing a girl and what he’s going on for himself. I think that’s the worst approach ever. If a girl’s going to like you, she’s going to like you regardless. So for me, something that gets my attention is somebody who has a sense of humor and is funny and is willing to get turned down.

Is there a Mr. Kenda Perez at home these days, or are you somehow still on the market?
There is not a Mr. Kenda Perez. I have a little, furry Dexter around the house that keeps me pretty busy, but I’m single.

And by this you mean you have a dog named after the serial killer show?
He’s my lady-killer. When I walk around, I get a lot of attention from a lot of girls.

So that’s the secret to getting girls?
It never hurts.

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