Ask the Health Expert: Baaaaaa, Got Milk?

Q: My stomach can’t handle cow’s milk yogurt, but it can handle goat’s milk…I just don’t love the taste. Any suggestions?

A: If you’re missing yogurt, and goat’s milk yogurt is a bit too….goat-y (it can actually be quite strong in taste, especially compared to the fruity-flavored cow’s milk yogurt you grew up on), give sheep’s milk yogurt a try. Much closer in taste and creaminess to mild cow’s milk yogurt, sheep’s milk yogurt also packs more protein than almond/coconut milk-based yogurts and has fewer carbs.

Many people find sheep’s milk yogurt to be richer in texture than cow’s milk yogurt, sweeter than goat’s milk yogurt, and tastier than soy milk yogurt. You really don’t want to go the soy milk route anyway, due to soy’s negative effect on thyroid function and its hormone disrupting/estrogen mimicking properties.

Sheep’s milk yogurt is just as healthy as that of the cow, with nutritional frontrunners including calcium for your bones, probiotics (good bacteria) for your GI tract and proper immune function, B vitamins, and riboflavin. Add some fresh berries to sheep’s milk yogurt as part of a balanced breakfast or quick snack. Look for brands like Old Chatham Sheepherding Company at your favorite health food store.

Plain Sheep’s Milk Yogurt (6 oz)
calories: 150
carbs: 7 grams
protein: 10 grams
fat: 9 grams

Plain Coconut Milk Yogurt (6 oz)
calories: 125
carbs: 18 grams
protein: 0 grams
fat: 6 grams

Plain Almond Milk Yogurt (6 oz)

calories: 130
carbs: 14.25 grams
protein: 3 grams
fat: 6.75 grams

image descDawn Reppucci is a registered dietitian and former D-I swimmer with degrees in nutritional science and exercise science from the University of Connecticut. For the past 10 years, she has been forcing her patients to eat grilled chicken and steamed veggies at an integrative practice in Atlanta, GA.

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