They Said That – Verbal Jambalaya

Good Night Sweet Prince
“It’s been a good eight years, I guess. The biggest thing I learned is when Dana White says retire, you should retire.”
— Forrest Griffin at the post-UFC 160 press conference

Straight Shooter
“Never have I thought, ‘I’m going to be sore tomorrow.’ Being injured, that just means another shot of whiskey to me.”
—Donald Cerrone to

Business Up Front, Party in the Back
“I have a long neck, and it helps to have some hair back there.”
—Mike Pyle to

Job Promotion
“It’s nice fighting for an organization that is promoting me instead of trying to hold me back and put me down.”
—Jon Fitch to

Mr. Tate
“Miesha [Tate] by herself isn’t that bad. Miesha in combination with her pet boyfriend, Mr. Tate, is frickin’ something else. She’s different when he’s around. I can’t stand him. I really feel like if she wasn’t with him, she would fight better and she would be a better person. He’s always glued to her hip, because if he’s not next to her, no one ever notices him.”
—Ronda Rousey to

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