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5 Gym Bag Essentials
1. Fluid Replacement Drink: Stay hydrated through your entire workout.
2. Maltodextrin: Load and reload your muscle glycogen (energy for the body).
3. Energy Gel: Maintain high and stable energy levels.
4. Electrolyte Capsules: Prevent muscle cramping.
5. Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA): Enhance recovery for your workout the next day.

Gut Check
Ever had the wind knocked out of you from a gut shot? It’s actually caused by a spasm to your diaphragm, which is a large, flat muscle in your abdomen that runs horizontally. It separates the thoracic cavity (chest, lung, and heart) from the abdominal cavity (belly, organs, and guts). When struck, the diaphragm can spasm, causing significant pain and difficulty breathing since it is not moving properly to help the lungs inhale or exhale air.

Cut the Weight Cutting
A new doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, points to the human body’s limited ability to quickly recover following extensive short-term weight loss in preparation for combat sports like wrestling, judo, and MMA. Analyses show that the athletes’ ability to quickly recover from dehydration was far from satisfactory. In fact, almost half of the studied athletes were severely dehydrated on the morning of competition.

Surf’s Up
Hang 10 this summer. A strapping young lad like Luke Rockhold can burn more than 600 calories per hour while surfing.

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