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Weight, What?
Since 2011, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has fought at welterweight, 195 lbs. (catchweight), 197 lbs. (catchweight), light heavyweight, and heavyweight. When Rumble isn’t training, he enjoys eating.

Junior League
Brock Lesnar won the Junior College National Wrestling Championship at heavyweight in 1998. Who won at the weight class (190 lbs.) preceding Lesnar? This guy [Daniel Cormier].

Kickbox Office Smash
Georges St-Pierre will play villain Batroc “The Leaper” in Marvel’s upcoming sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is due out in April 2014. Batroc is a mercenary and master of the French kickboxing art savate.

KJ Noons is an avid golfer with an 8 handicap.

UFC 2012: The Big Picture
Events: 31
Fights: 341
Fighters: 383
Host Countries: 8
Rounds: 788
Minutes: 3,511
Title Fights: 13
(T)KOs: 105
Submissions: 70
Decisions: 159
No Contests: 7

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