MMA 101

Get Explosive

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion Daniel Cormier is the most pedigreed international wrestler in the Zuffa stable. The former two-time Olympic Freestyle Team member brings an explosive style to the cage, as evident in his last fight against Josh Barnett in which Cormier took down the former Pancrase Champion at will. In this month’s MMA 101, Cormier—with the help of Bellator bantamweight Shawn Bunch—demonstrates the hi-crotch lift he used to dump Barnett to the canvas.

MMA 101: Get Explosive

1) Cormier and Bunch begin in orthodox stances.

2) Cormier throws a right hook to close the distance (you can also throw a 1-2 combo). Bunch blocks the hook, but he leaves his left side open for a takedown attack

3) Cormier follows the hook with an outside-step hi-crotch by changing levels and placing his head beneath Bunch’s armpit, with his hands briefly locked in the crotch.

4) Cormier adjusts his right arm so that it is elbow deep around Bunch’s upper thigh and buttocks, while keeping his head up and bending slightly at the knees.

5) Cormier places his right hand over his left wrist to secure the leg and keep shoulder pressure on Bunch’s thigh.

6) Cormier DOES NOT simply lift Bunch with his arms. He loads his hips below Bunch’s in a short, quick squat. His head remains high (your opponent may attempt to face you, but the lock and lift remain the same).

7) Cormier pops his hips into Bunch’s, and loads him to his shoulder, like taking a bag of concrete and transitioning it to your shoulder for carrying.

8) Once Bunch’s hips are higher than his own, Cormier takes his shoulder away and dumps him to the mat with his right arm still elbow deep around Bunch’s upper thigh.

9) Now, Cormier has a few options. In his fight against Barnett, Cormier finished the move by following to side control. He could have also taken north-south position or attempted to throw punches from the standing position.

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