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They Said That

He’s Not Joshing

“I think every MMA promotion in the world needs a guy like me. The UFC needs people who can not only fight, but also are able to capture the audience’s attention and expand that market. Nobody can fill that void like I do.”
—Josh Barnett to

Pit Potty Party

“Just when u think things can’t get any worse…I come home 2 these Yahoos! @Cruickshank155, @coferpottery, @ufc… wow haha”
—Urijah Faber on Twitter.

I’m the Fire Starter

“The bridge over in San Jose [American Kickboxing Academy] is pretty much burnt. And it’s nothing with anybody over there, there’s only one person, and we all know that person is Javier [Mendez]. I just wasn’t happy, and it wasn’t the place for me anymore… I hope the gym burns to the ground. Is that bad?”
—Josh Koscheck to Fight Hub TV.

Game Over

“Fuck video games. I’m not a video game geek. I’ve got better shit to do with my time. I liked to play poker in casinos when I lived in Vegas. I like to smoke a joint to chill out and relax—be pain free and forget about life for a minute.”
—Phil Baroni to FIGHT! Magazine.

Saucer of Milk

“You can’t go around acting like you’re the best thing since sliced bread, talk crap about the ring girls posing in Playboy, and then pose ‘artistically nude’ for ESPN The Magazine. It’s hypocritical, and I have lost all respect for her [Ronda Rousey] as a person outside of her athletic accomplishments.”
—Miesha Tate via Facebook.

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