They Said That



“I think he [Brock Lesnar] defi nitely should be [in the UFC Hall of Fame]. Anybody who’s been in there and won the title, whether it was four fights or six fights or whatever, I think he made a huge impact in our sport. I think he brought that whole WWE crowd, too. We saw that in the pay-per-view numbers that he put up, every time he fought. I think it’s justified. I think he definitely should be included in the Hall of Fame.”

—Randy Couture on UFC Tonight.


“After my last fight, I walked into a donut shop and laid down $10 and told the guy to load me up with whatever he could. I made out with probably around 30 donuts and ate them all that night. I even dropped one in a puddle by mistake and made sure to pick it up and finish it.”

—Tom Lawlor to FIGHT! about his favorite guilty pleasure food.


“I am a pioneer of this sport. I currently hold every record for this MMA…I have more commercials, more movies, more endorsements, and more viewerships than anyone has.”

—Bob Sapp (who is 1-10 in his last 11 fights) in a delusional interview on The MMA Hour.


“You show up to work wearing a singlet and everyone stares. What else does a wrestler wear on Casual Day?”

—Shane Carwin on Twitter.


“@ufc Get drunk and wreck cars or do steroids between fights is OK. Smoke weed legally between fights and the NSAC throws the book at you.”

—Cesar Gracie on Twitter after the NSAC suspended Nick Diaz one year.


“Well, I’m on a crusade to be a coach for TUF 16. It only makes sense that it comes full circle, and, hey, if me and Forrest Griffin are coaches, I guarantee the fight will outdo the first one. On top of that, Forrest is a very funny guy, but I’ll out-funny him.”

—Stephan Bonnar on MMA Uncensored.

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