October Sunshine

What have you been up to lately?


I’m co-hosting a reality TV show with Joanna Krupa about female fighters. It’s called The Ultimate Women’s Challenge, airing on NBC on September 25. Basically, these girls go through a series of challenges, and at the end of the show, after all the challenges, they’ll be chosen to fight. It’s just been a real cool experience. This is actually gonna be my first national TV show as a host. Other than that, I’m still the Xyience spokes model, and I just got back from the fan expo at UFC 118 in Boston.


What’s been the experience like being part of something that’s growing—not just MMA—but women’s MMA?


Most people expect fluff from girls, but you’re not getting that from these girls. They’re the real deal. It’s a premium show, watching these girls fight and persevere through all of the challenges we put them through is awesome. It’s been a really cool experience—being on set with a supermodel like Joanna Krupa.


Were you intimidated stepping on set?


Not at all, I was actually really excited. This show—being the first of its kind—really goes in depth with training and challenges. They give me a basic script, and I’m just allowed to go with it. I actually feel more comfortable on the fly.


What’s been the most exciting part of filming?


I really think people are going to be excited when they see the kinds of things that we put these girls through. Some of these challenges are fun, of course. We want it to be fun, but some of these challenges I’d be surprised to see a guy complete. We’re really taking them to every level and kind of pushing them beyond their breaking point, which is exciting. We also have a lot of guest coaches and popular fighters coming in, which I think fans will enjoy seeing.


What’s the grand prize?


I think the grand prize is $50,000 and a one-year membership to a training gym and a contract with an organization for at least a one-fight deal. It’s going to be a great opportunity for the winner. It will really open some doors for these girls.


Did you ever see yourself as the host of an NBC show when you first started in MMA?


Not on the MMA side of it, but I’ve always known that’s where I wanted to go with my life. I’ve always wanted to act and model. Hosting and MMA have just been a part of it. It wasn’t a driving force, it wasn’t something I pursued, it’s kind of something that fell on my lap and it’s wonderful. I’ve already actually been offered two more hosting jobs on Fox and FX, so if I can land those as well, this is gonna be a tremendous year for me.


A lot of fighters are doing movies now. Who is a fighter you’d like to work with on a movie set?


Probably Forrest Griffin. He’s like a natural actor, and he’s hilarious.


What kind of roles are you looking for?


I think I can play a lot of different kinds of characters. I definitely have a comedic side to myself, but serious or romantic or action—I’m up for it all. I’ll do anything.


Who are some actresses you admire?


Lately, I’ve been getting Megan Fox—“You’re like Megan Fox.” That’s cool to me because she’s a young, new actress also, and she’s like the new hot thing, so that’s been cool for me.


You’re just putting yourself in line.


That’s right!

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