Inside America's Gyms

Having covered mixed martial arts full-time since2003, I’ve spent plenty of time in gyms, although that hasn’t helped my fight game much. I have visited the cavernous, 2,000-square-foot state of-the-art training centers, and I’ve been in the 200-square-foot non-air conditioned garages that technically can be called a “gym” because there happens to be a ring and mats present.


Both facilities have there own histories, allure, and stories.


The idea for me to travel throughout the country to explore the nation’s MMA gyms for HDNet came from Mark Cuban—as most brilliant ideas do—and I was excited to be able to chronicle what truly makes a gym special. Beyond the physical equipment, there is a spirit and soul to a true gym.


Inside MMA and FIGHT! Magazine will take you Inside America’s Gyms, previewing some of the finest gyms in the country. Tune in to HDNet for the rest of the story, and for more info.


Xtreme Couture

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Founders/Owners: Randy Couture, Kim Couture, Valerie and Scott Haney


Fighters Who Train at XC


• Randy Couture: Former UFC Heavyweight/Light Heavyweight Champ
• Forrest Griffin: Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ
• Ray Sefo: K-1/Five-Time Muay Thai World Champion
• Gray Maynard: UFC Lightweight
• Jay Hieron: Former IFL Welterweight Champ
• Martin Kampmann: UFC Welterweight
• Tyson Griffin: UFC Lightweight


What You Don’t Know


• There is only one “facility” in the 11,000 square foot complex. “After 30 guys pump themselves up with protein shakes—it’s just gross.”—Forrest Griffin
• Xtreme Couture offers discounts to servicemen and women.


What Separates XC From Everyone Else?


“This is Vegas, the epicenter for the sport. So we have a lot of the best fighters in the world who not only live here, but also travel through here.”—Randy Couture


Grudge Training Center

Location: Wheat Ridge,
CO Founder/Owner: Trevor Wittman


Fighters Who Train at Grudge


• George St-Pierre: UFC Welterweight Champ
• Rashad Evans: Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ
• Shane Carwin: UFC Heavyweight
• Nate Marquardt: Seven-Time King of Pancrase/UFC Middleweight
• Brendan Schaub: UFC Heavyweight
• James McSweeney: UFC Heavyweight
• Duane Ludwig: Former K-1 Champ


What You Don’t Know


• Grudge Training Center is in alliance with Jackson’s Submission Fighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, exchanging fighters and knowledge.
• There is a focus on family at Grudge. On any given day, fighters’ wives, girlfriends, and kids will be there hanging out.


What Separates Grudge From Everyone Else?


“All the fighters we bring in and all the coaches—that’s what separates us.”—Trevor Wittman


Jackson’s SubmissionFighting

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Founder/Owner: Greg Jackson


Fighters Who Train at Jackson’s


• Rashad Evans: Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ
• Jon Jones: UFC Light Heavyweight
• Brian Stann: UFC Middleweight
• Keith Jardine: Shark Fights Light Heavyweight
• Joey Villasenor: PRIDE/King of the Cage veteran
• Joe Stevenson: UFC Lightweight
• Diego Sanchez: UFC Welterweight
• Leonard Garcia: WEC Featherweight
• Donald Cerrone: WEC Lightweight


What You Don’t Know


• Jackson’s operates without fighter contracts, so they are free to come and go without having to deal with long-term financial gym contracts.


What Separates Jackson’s From Everyone Else?


“Jackson’s has the world’s most handsome coach. He could have gone with G.Q., but he gave up his modeling career to train fighters.”—Greg Jackson

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