5 Minutes With John Howard

If you got a doctorate, would you be “Dr. Doom?”


Maybe. Actually, to tell you the truth, probably not—Doomsday. Always Doomsday [laughs].


You’re fighting Thiago Alves in Montreal in December.


I think it’s the perfect fight for me because I’m a Muay Thai fighter. To fight another Muay Thai striker—it’s gonna be awesome. He’s got Brazilian Muay Thai. I have traditional Muay Thai. I think this is the first time we’re gonna see how he deals with a striker who’s just as aggressive as he is. I wanna see what happens. It’s gonna be a great fight. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be Fight of the Night, easy.


Did you get weird stares walking around your neighborhood with a swollen eye after the Jake Ellenberger fight?


I did man, but it was alright. People would come up and ask questions, “What happened to your eye?” When they saw my eye, they could see that I’m a fighter. So that’s what happens, I’m like, “Yeah, I lost, but it was all good.”


Last CD you bought?


Jonas Brothers—for my daughters. I have an iPhone, so I do the iTunes—just get my music off there most of the time.


If you had to move from Boston, where would you move?


I don’t know man, somewhere really quiet. I’m thinking Cape Cod. Somewhere suburban, nice and quiet, a good place for kids.


What was your favorite cartoon growing up?


Tom and Jerry. I love those guys.


What’s the food you crave the most when you’re cutting weight?


Lobster. A big, stinkin’ giant lobster with lots of butter.


What does it take for a woman to win over Doomsday?


I have a girlfriend already, but it takes a lot of patience. They gotta do what I want [laughs]. If they don’t do what I want, there ain’t no way!


Were you a professional wrestling fan growing up?


Not really. I thought it was funny. I knew it was fake. I knew from the jump it was fake. You know when you throw someone into the ropes, they rebound right back at you, that’s nearly impossible. I wasn’t really a big fan.


What’s satisfying, to you personally, about scoring a knockout?


It’s just to finish the fight.There’s no “ifs” about it. You got finished. When people get knocked out, they try to say,“Oh, I could a got past that point.”No, if I kept going, I possibly could have killed you. So come on.


Who’s a fighter outside of your weight class that you wouldn’t want to fight?


Anderson Silva. I would like to spar with him and learn from him, but not fight him.


Do you participate in any sports besides fighting?


I played football. I did track and field. I love football. I was a tailback. I wanted to be a football player. In high school, I was like 165 pounds. I was fast, but I wasn’t big enough. You grab me, I’m going down. You can’t catch me though. If I was the same weight in high school as I am now, I probably could have made it.


Who was your favorite running back?


Number 22 for the Dallas Cowboys—Emmitt Smith—he was my favorite.


Will you be selling ad space in your haircut anytime soon?


I definitely would man. That’s actually my future plan for my upcoming fight. Anybody out there that wants ad space, we’ll definitely do that.


Klassy Kuts in Boston does your special cuts. What magazine do you read while you wait?


Obviously, FIGHT! Magazine. You know why? I like reading the magazine, because half the time I’m in there [laughs].


It’s always a good day with Doomsday. Good luck at UFC 124.

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