Dear Don

This is not just a man’s advice column—this is Don Frye’s advice column. The “Predator” won two UFC tournaments before fighter safety was a priority. He proudly represented America in Japan’s PRIDE Fighting Championship, where UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock ripped apart his ankles and still couldn’t stop Frye. Watch Frye fight Yoshihiro Takiyama—if you think you can handle it. If there’s anyone tougher than Don Frye, they’ll be studied in labs. A fighting pioneer, the Arizona native responds to FIGHT! e-mail and shares his infinite wisdom. In his own words: “America needs to build some men, and Don Frye is here to do it!”


Dear Don,

I frequently hear during your interviews that you prefer tequila. What brand of tequila fuels your awesome power?


P.S. On the Fourth of July, I salute my copy of Pride 19 Bad Blood before I salute the flag.

-Matt, Texas


Hell, I like Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Tequila. $25 a bottle—it’s fantastic! They age those oak barrels for quite a few years, and I’ll tell ya, it gets just the right taste in there. Jose Cuervo does a good job when he makes his Tequila. If they’d send me a bottle every now and then, I’d be really happy. I gotta pay for it myself, like every hard working American!


[Laughing] God bless ya Matt, God bless ya, but you’d better salute the American flag first, or I’m gonna walk on over there and stomp your ass!


Dear Don,

My favorite show is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and when I heard you were gonna be on it in FIGHT! Magazine, I couldn’t wait, but you were only on it for a minute. What gives?

– Tony, Oregon


Oh really? Oh hell! I haven’t even seen it yet. More people want to see “Rowdy” Roddy Piper than they do Don Frye. He’s the moneymaker, you know, not me. He’s got the name. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is the man! Whose gonna turn their back on him? It was great though, all them boys were class act boys. It was the second time I got to work with “Hot Rod” and the second time he whopped my ass. I had a great time! I had a great time.


Dear Don,

My friend bought my car off of me months ago and agreed to pay me in four payments. Problem is, he only paid two of those payments and now isn’t answering his phone. He’s driving my car and randomly leaves me messages saying, “I’ll have it to you by the end of the week.” I still have it signed under my name, but I don’t want to call the cops because I think I’d be petty. What do I do?

– Garett, Minnesota


Well, you go over there and kick his ass! Go over there and repossess it. Don’t matter about being petty. It’s about being a man. You’re letting this cheesecake turd take advantage of you. He’s lying and cheating you. Damn, you’re taking care of him like the Republicans take care of the Democrats.


Dear Don,

From one Don to another, how do we clean up the BP oil spill?

-Don, Texas


You round up all the Democrats, liberals, and attorneys in the nation and throw ‘em in the goddamn Gulf of Mexico. You start from there.


Dear Don,

I have a question that I have been wanting to ask you for a very long time. Who has a more dangerous mustache, you or Dan Severn?- Lance, Ohio


Hell, I whipped Godzilla! You don’t think Severn has whipped Godzilla do ya?


Dear Don,

Now that you act in Hollywood, how do you keep from going soft like the rest of the Californians?

– Danny, Washington


I’ve been blessed enough to work three times for Mr. Michael Mann. There’s nothing soft about that guy. He’s tougher than nails. He’s stiffer than a wedding prick. He’s a guy you can’t ask anymore from. He’s 100% American, and he’s 100% Israeli, and you couldn’t ask for a better combination.


Dear Don,

I have confidence issues. You seem to be a man full of confidence. How do I stop being such a pansy?

– Jeffery


I’ll tell you partner, I got lucky, I got the right woman in my corner. I got an angel. God sent me what I asked for, and she supports me and when I fuck up, she stomps my ass! Can’t ask for a better broad than my old lady. A good woman will give you confidence.


Dear Don,

This girl gave me her number, and when I called her it went straight to voicemail. I know it was her number because I heard her on the voicemail. Why would she give me her number and then not talk to me?

– Tommy, California


Apparently, she ain’t got no interest in you boy, so find something else. Move along! Move along!

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