5 Minutes With Tim Kennedy

So, I hear you can curve a bullet. That’s got to be cool.


I think every Special Forces sniper can do it. It’s not like the biggest trick in the world.Environmental forces affect how the bullet moves, whether it’s the temperature or the wind speed. The Coriolis force—the force of the Earth’s rotation—actually affects how the bullet moves. The bullet spins as it comes out of the barrel from rifling, and the way the bullet spins actually makes it turn. I can take all those things into account when you hide behind a wall, and I can shoot you behind the wall.


What’s your favorite war movie?


We Were Soldiers is good. The original Expendables is cool. Do you even know what that is? I didn’t think so! Bat 21 is also good.


What’s a movie that you know sucks but you like it anyway?


Black Hawk Down.


You’ve lived a life where maybe a movie can be made about you someday. Who would play Tim Kennedy?


Ranger Up Owner Nick Palmasciano would be a great Tim Kennedy. No, he has to be devastatingly tall, witty, and cunning. That would exclude Nick from the selection.


I understand you’re a big wine guy. What are some of your finer tastes?


I was born and raised in California. I don’t know anyone that was born in San Luis Obispo that doesn’t like wine, so yeah, I like wine. Right now, I’m a big fan of old-vine zins.They plant these vines a long time ago and the zin grapes—now 40 years later—are made into old-vine zins. It’s not really a misnomer.It’s rich, heavy, delicious. Yummy with steak,and I love steak.


What’s the first thing you eat after a fight?


Pretzels, watermelon, pasta, and some good proteins like chicken. I want to eat everything.


What would you like to eat after a fight?


Firestone steak sandwich or an In-N-Out burger. Not gonna happen. Maybe a few days after the fight.


Would you ever try the Double Down?


No, I would not. I think my arteries would just collapse on themselves. It’s scary.


What’s it like to own a linen suit?


It’s a liberating experience to finally get to a point in your life where you can own a set of loafers that have tassels on them and a suit that matches. Ask yourself, “Am I gonna wear my tassel brown loafers or Sperry boat shoes with my linen suit?” When you can pose that question to yourself, you’ve made it.


Is it safe to say that if Tim Kennedy wasn’t a warrior, he’d be a fashion designer?


I think if Tim Kennedy wasn’t a warrior, he’d be a cook, then a fashion designer.


What are some of your better meals?


I’m making five-cheese fondue that people almost murder each other over. I cook filet mignon. I grill ‘em up a little bit, and then I dip the meat into the five-cheese fondue. It’s pretty amazing.


My friend Tony just started Army boot camp. What advice can you give to aspiring soldiers?


Be in the right place at the right time in the right uniform. Drink water. Take a knee and face out.


Being that you’ve had such intense experiences in your life, what does it take to break you during training?


You can’t break me during training. There were two times during my last training camp, which was like five months long, where I was actually laying on the floor, and they’re like, “Tim’s on the floor! It’s monumental.” But I pop right back up. You’re not gonna break me in training.

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