5 Minutes With Dominick Cruz

How did you get the nickname “Dominator?”


I was the smallest guy on my football team, but I would never stop and I’d always get back up.


What’s the last CD you bought?


Eminem’s Recovery.


Where do you keep your WEC title belt?


It’s on my couch underneath a pile of clean clothes.


What’s your ethnicity?


I’m Mexican-American, half and half. My dad’s Mexican and my mom’s white.


Are you inspired by your Mexican-American heritage when it comes to fighting, particularly your boxing?


I think more than anything, it’s in my blood. I’ll be honest—I really think that.I don’t know where else it would have come from. My mom didn’t teach it to me. That’s for sure.


What embarrassing music did you like growing up?


MC Hammer. I had Hammer pants. I sure did. They were pimp.




Black, they had to be black, they’re Hammer pants, man. They’re all baggy with velcro on the bottom and top.


What’s been your best Halloween costume?


The best Halloween costume was last year when I dressed up like Robin “The Boy Wonder.” Batman’s assistant. It was so perfect.


What’s the first thing you eat after a fight?


A huge beer. To be honest, Bud Light. Think about it!


If you could have a bromance with any actor, who would it be?


Rob Dyrdek. That dude kills me. I feel like his sense of humor is on point. We could just talk shit together all day and it would be hilarious.


Maybe you can be his bodyguard. He doesn’t have “Big Black” anymore.


I’m like his size, but at the same time, I know I can do some damage on somebody.


Who would play Dominick Cruz in a movie?


I’m gonna answer this for everyone who knows me on a personal level, because they all make fun of me and call me Tom Cruise.


What’d you do with your first big sponsorship check?


I bought a car. I didn’t have a car. I used that money to buy my new Honda. Oh, big bad Honda. It works. I’m a minimalist.


What’s the most interesting thing a fan has ever said to you?


“Boo! You f’n suck,” as I’m walking out for a fight. I’ll never forget it. It was against Urijah Faber.


Who’s your favorite comedian?


Dave Chappelle.


What’s in your DVD player?


Volume one of the X-Men cartoonseries.


What sort of sponsorship do you think would be an ideal fit for Dominick Cruz?


I think an ideal fit for me would be Bud Light.


Refreshing answer. We know about your striking and wrestling. How’s your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?


My BJJ hasn’t been seen yet. People don’t know about it. It’s something that I definitely have made a lot of improvements in, and I’m very good at it. I just like to keep things on my feet. I like to scrap.

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