Buckeye Beauty

Homegrown Ohio State Buckeye Stacie Askins finally puts to rest the Ohio State vs.University of Michigan supremacy debate: The verdict? Buckeyes win by a landslide.


Many fans and fighters got to meet you at the FIGHT! booth in Columbus, Ohio, at The Arnold Sports Festival for WEC 47. How’d you like that experience?


I had the best time! It was so much fun. The fans were awesome.Urijah Faber was definitely my favorite fighter to meet. Don Frye was really cool too. The whole experience was so great, especially going to WEC 47. It was probably one of the bloodiest fights I’ve been to.


Where did you grow up?


I grew up north of Columbus, and right now I’m living in downtown Columbus.


So what is interesting about your actual life?


Shit, nothing. Just kidding. Right now, the whole modeling gig is really fun.


What was high school like for you?


High school was good. I had a 4.1 GPA when I graduated, and I played three sports. I was kind of the nerd/athlete.


Nerd alert. Were you valedictorian with that GPA?


Nope. Some super nerd ended up beating me out.


Why did you decide on Ohio State University?


I chose Ohio State because I wanted to go to a football school. I grew up a Buckeye fan. There’s absolutely nothing better than a Buckeye. There’s a reason we’re the number one most obnoxious school.


And where are you on the scale of obnoxiousness?


It depends on whether it’s football season or not.


So you’re a big deal in Ohio then?


In my head I am.


What are you studying when you’re not being obnoxious?


I’m a marketing major. I’ll probably double major in operations management. Hopefully, my modeling will take off and I won’t even have to finish college.


How did you get involved in MMA?


I got interested in it because one of my friends was from Las Vegas and was friends with the Fertittas. We’d go to the fights together in Vegas and Columbus.


You’re a football and MMA girl, and Ohio State has a great wrestling program, do you root for guys in singlets?


No, I don’t really do the wrestling scene. There’s a lot of MMA clubs in Columbus and they fight, so I’d rather go to that than watch a wrestling match.


Do you train MMA?


I took a boxing class. I did that for a while. It’s so much fun.


Who is your favorite fighter?


I guess it kind of changes. I like Georges St-Pierre a lot. I’ve seen Rampage fight the most. I think that’s just a random coincidence though.


Would you ever date fighter?


I definitely would. It would be really fun to go watch him fight and stuff. I’m sure I would be nervous, but it’s like any sport you watch, there’s the possibility of getting hurt. I grew up watching a lot of my family members playing football and getting tackled by people three times bigger than them.


We know all the guys are after you, but how do you win a man over?


I date their friends. Just kidding! I’m not very shy, so if I’m interested in someone, I’ll just go up to them and talk to them.


How do you spend your lazy days?


I have a lot of dogs, so I take them to the dog park. I like to lay around, watch movies, drink wine. I’m Italian, I love wine. I can’t help it.


Living or dead, if you could date any man in the world, who would it be?


Alexander the Great. No, Robin Hood! Robin Hood! He’s just the ultimate badass. He’s like,“I’m gonna screw with you rich, stuck-up people, and I’m not even going to do it for my own benefit.”


What words do you live by?


“No regrets” and “I wanna rule the world!” That’s what Madonna said. I like that quote a lot. I think she was in a competition or something for singing. She said, “I wanna rule the world” and she did. I guess that’s the mindset I like. She wanted something, she went for it, and she got it.


So that’s why you’re starting here with FIGHT! Magazine?


Yup! Remember me, I’ll be around for a while.


And so will we. Thanks Stacie.

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