King Mo's Big Fight Breakdown: Silva vs. Belfort

This is an intriguing match up. You got striker vs. striker, but let’s look a little deeper…let’s break this fight down “King Mo” style. I know some of y’all won’t feel me, but some of y’all will. We could talk about records and past wins, but I think that gets boring. I’m gonna pick out some important categories that’ll help you decide a winner.

• SPEED: Even

• RHYTHM: Silva does a great job controlling the tempo of his fights, timing his opponents and countering them. His rhythm makes him hard to time.

• RANGE: Combine Silva’s rhythm with his range and you get a real nasty combo. His go-go-gadget jab (Inspector Gadget) mixed with the Dhalsim leg kick (Street Fighter) and a little Tiger knee (Sagat from Street Fighter) and you got a daddy long legs.

• HUNGER: Belfort has his opportunity to become the best. He has been battling family tragedy and is looking to be back on top. I know Silva is a monster, but is he starving like he was when he dismantled Chris Leben? I think Belfort is the hungrier of the two and is looking to be back on top.

• POWER: Without a doubt, Belfort wins here. He has the power to conjure up one hitta quittaz. Silva is more of a precision striker.

• LANCE ARMSTRONG: This goes to Silva cause he is a beast when it comes to controlling the pace, and he has been five rounds before

• USAIN BOLT: This goes to Belfort because he is more anaerobic than Silva. Belfort is more of the sprinter and has an ability to start out the blocks at a decent pace and then explode on you like some dynamite in Wylie Coyote’s hands.

TOM AND JERRY: This goes to Silva, but slightly. Belfort has the power to KO you moving forward or backward. Silva can pick you apart moving forward or backward. Silva also has great eyes to see any traps being set up—just like Jerry (mouse). Tom (cat) enforces his will and dominance and chases Jerry, forcing him to retreat. But as Jerry retreats, he sets some devastating traps that make Tom stop right in his tracks or retreat as well. But remember, for you to be effective at Tom and Jerry, you have to be willing to accept the role.


Silva can win this fight if he creates angles and keeps the fight at a distance, using his jab and pressing forward like Tom. As the fight picks up and Belfort moves in to close the distance, Silva can use his Thai clinch to finish him off with a mixture of knees, elbows, and punches.


Belfort can win this battle if he fights with confidence and stays disciplined. He needs to look to counter Silva as he attacks like Jerry. Belfort should press the action moving forward, but cautiously like Nate Marquardt did. Belfort needs to make this more like a boxing match and counter Silva’s kicks. He needs to keep Silva off balance and moving backward to win.

If you’re keeping track, King Mo gives the advantage to Silva in four categories (Rhythm, Range, Armstrong, and Tom and Jerry) while Belfort wins three (Hunger, Power, and Bolt) and one tie (Speed).

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