Ask Mike Thomas Brown

Mike Thomas Brown is one of the WEC’s most dominant 145- pounders. He took the featherweight title from Urijah Faber in 2008 by knockout and earned a unanimous decision victory in the rematch to solidify his place as one of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters. A year after capturing WEC gold, Brown’s reign was ended by Brazilian prodigy Jose Aldo. But that hasn’t deterred the proud American Top Team representative as he searches for a rematch and contemplates conquering different divisions.

Now that you’re no longer champ, are you going to try and recapture the title or move up and fight at 155 pounds? Juneau Waterloo, ON

I’m trying to get my title back. Not my title back … I should say, THE title back. It’s Aldo’s. But, I just want to stay busy. I want to stay active. I’m trying to get back in there as soon as possible.

Do you think you can make the weight cut to 135 pounds? If so, what kind of diet and fitness plan would you follow? Andrew R. Gatesville, NC

I’m getting lighter all the time. I’m actually lighter than ever before. Training for five-round fights, I was doing a lot more cardio. I’m doing a lot of boxing, so my weight came down. I think I can actually make it to 135 pounds.

Who are some of your favorite fighters to watch? Sandy R. Boston, MA

Wanderlei Silva, Genki Sudo, JZ Calvacante, Thiago Alves. There’s a lot. I’m a huge fight fan so there are a lot of guys I like to watch. But I’d say my all-time favorite is Genki Sudo.

What kind of lifting regimen do you do for your upper body? Kevin B. Little Rock, AR

I don’t really lift weights anymore. I used to when I was younger. All I do now is pushups, pull-ups, lots of sparring, grappling, and wrestling. You’re using so many muscles, squeezing, pushing, and pulling all the time that I don’t think you really need to lift weights. The only time I really lift weights is when I’m on the road, when I can’t grapple or train. I do a lot of pushups, pull-ups, and maybe some cleans.

You’ve beaten Urijah Faber twice. Do you think he deserves another shot at you? Michael K.

There’s no reason for me to fight him again. I beat him twice. I have nothing to gain from that fight. If they pay me well for it, I would, but other than that I have no personal gain from it. I’m not even thinking rematch because I already fought him twice.

You’re a huge 145-pounder. What supplements do you take? Matt R. Austin, TX

I take TapouT whey protein.

What is the meaning behind the tattoo on your chest? Matthew E. Clemmons, NC

It’s an angel in memory of my mom.

Who are some of your training partners? Chad L. East Lansing, MI

I have many guys I train with but on a regular basis: Rafael Dias, JZ Calvacante, Brad Pickett, Jorge Masvidal, Yves Edwards, Thiago Alves, and many more.

Do you have aspirations of fighting in the UFC again? Elliot G. Orlando, FL

Yeah, I do. I wish they had 145-pound class because that’s my optimal weight. The UFC show is the biggest show in the world and that’s what everybody watches. That’s the big show. I wish they had my weight. I still might go up to [155-pounds] just to be back in there.

I wrestle in high school at 103 pounds. What weight did you wrestle and what was your favorite move in high school? Amir K. Louisville, KY

I started out as a 103 pounder and then my senior year I wrestled at 125 pounds. So I started at 103, finished off at 125. Favorite move? Let me think … I used to be a head-and-arm guy. Junk moves.

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