Win Tokyo 5 Swag! (UPDATED – WE HAVE A WINNER)


What’s up FIGHT! fans – we know times are tough and after you pay rent and buy groceries, pay per views and other necessary items it’s tough to keep your wardrobe fresh and clean. FIGHT! is going to lend a helping hand this month by doling out Tokyo 5 swag bags. The package includes a Tokyo 5 hat, shirt, and jeans – all you have to do to win one is be the first person to correctly answer all three of the questions below (respond in the comments section) and we’ll send you your swag. Then you just have to figure out what to wear the other six days of the week. Good luck!

What is Tito Ortiz standing on on page 54 of this month’s issue of FIGHT! Magazine?

Tokyo 5 is sponsoring two fighters at UFC 105 – who are they? Hint, we posted the answer on a few weeks back!

Which UFC fighters are featured on the front page of

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