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Jake Shields hasn’t lost since 2004. He’s earned twelve consecutive victories, defeating five champions over two weight classes in the process.

The Cesar Gracie black belt hopes to add a fourth title to his mantle—it currently showcases his Shooto, Rumble on the Rock and EliteXC belts—when he battles for Strikeforce’s vacant middleweight title against Jason “Mayhem” Miller. If that’s not enough, he wants to fight UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. In between teaching his American Jiu-Jitsu brand at his school in Berkeley, California and fighting off local co-eds, Shields kindly answered FIGHT! reader mail questions – before returning to the co-eds.

I’ve been struggling with three bulging discs in my neck for about six months. You spend a lot of time on the mat, any advice for recovering from and avoiding neck injuries?

My back got jacked up for a while and I was out for a few months but it was one of those things you gotta keep trying to work through it and hopefully find a good chiropractor. What worked really well for me was some active release work, which is a mix between muscle and spine. That’s what finally got my back fixed.

James M. Elwood, Victoria Australia

I know your pretty slick on the ground, but what types of improvements are you making on your stand up?

Massively, you know. I’m doing more standup than jiu-jitsu – not neglecting my jiu-jitsu – but doing stand-up every single day, by doing kickboxing and boxing. I’m trying to improve all my weak spots.

Andrew R. Gatesville, NC

Hi, I was wondering what is your nutrition plan and what supplements do you take?

I’ve been trying to gain weight, so I’ve been taking a lot of supplements. I just found Champion Nutrition, which is by far the best supplements I’ve ever used. It definitely helps speed up my recovery and put on weight.

Seamus K. Burlington Ontario, Canada

What’s your most inspirational thing that keeps you fighting or picks you up when you’re down?

I just love what I’m doing, you know. I love to fight. I couldn’t be more thankful for what I’m doing. I have so many friends always bitching about going to work and I love my work. I love everything about it. Obviously, there’re days I don’t feel like going into the gym, but on the days I don’t feel like going to the gym, I think about my friends who work in an office and I’m thankful for the job I have.

Vinny R. Los Angelos, CA

What kind of schedule should I make learning Muay Thai and Jiu-Jistu and how many hours should I devote to on each of them? Thank you.

It depends on if you have a job or not. It’s good to spend several hours a day, but so often that’s not realistic. If you have a full job, you can split it three days a week in Jiu-Jitsu and three days a week in Muay Thai and try to make the best split in your schedule you can make. And make sure you don’t overlook conditioning. Running will help you improve both your Muay Thai and Jiu-Jtisu.

Nimz B. Waltnut Creek, CA

In your opinion, if you fought Georges St. Pierre, how do you think the fight would go down? And who comes out on top?

I think GSP is a great fighter. He’s one of the best pound for pound right now. I think it would be a total war but I truly feel like I can beat him. I have a lot of confidence in my skill. I’m on a big winning streak. Someday soon, that fight will become a reality.

Ben L Calgary Alberta, CA

Your new school is located right across the street from UC Berkeley, how do you stay focused with all the eye candy walking around you?

It’s definitely a good place to be training! But to me, training always comes first. However, it’s a great benefit to have all the girls running around!

Jasan F. Fremont, CA

How many times is it acceptable to ask a girl out before you should give up?

That’s a good question, I don’t know. Being a fighter, I usually don’t ask too many times [laughs]. I can’t give an answer. Let’s just say it depends on how bad you want the girl!

Terry D. Clearwater, FL

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