(Don't) Quit Playin': MMA Apps on Facebook

by FIGHT! contributor Kimberly Schemer

Facebook was designed for connectivity and communication but it is increasingly becoming a place to play games. With apps for nearly every genre and subculture, it was only a matter of time before MMA games started appearing in the social space, too.

“We were motivated mainly because we wanted an online hangout where we could beat the crap out of our friends,” Nitin Malhotra said. “We thought if we wanted it, then maybe there were other people out there on Facebook that would want it too.”

Malhotra’s MMA Game is only one of several to choose from, so FIGHT! decided to outline the MMA fan’s Facebook gaming options.

MMA Game
Developers: Joe Flowers, Nitin Malhotra for itch, Inc.

Ever dream of fighting in the Octagon? Play MMA Game and you can watch your avatar bang with the best of them. Choose a discipline from jiu-jitsu, judo, boxing, muay Thai, or wrestling and then train your fighter, teach them new moves, spar and fight in the arena. Other players are helpful in giving you tips to get you started, and you can always find someone to talk MMA with in the chat.

Ultimate Fighter
Developer: Chris Daniel for attstyle

Developer Chris Daniel believes Ultimate Fighter stands out because it is truly a game, not just an application. It allows players to create and train a fighter, progress, make money and even own gyms. Players request their Facebook friends to be sparring partners and there are nearly 2,000 active monthly users. Although this game is fully functional it is still technically in beta as developers continue to add features. The company, attstyle, has plans for other sports related games in the future, but will be continue to hone Ultimate Fighter.

Battle Classic
Developer: Christian Montoya for Mapdev
Artist: Terry Rodriguez

Battle Classic is a simplified version of the company’s more elaborate game Battle City. Developer Christian Montoya describes it as, “a very simple game, and not at all like real MMA, but it’s very popular among people who like MMA and fighting in general. It’s also a game that you can play a little bit everyday. Plus, it’s very social.”

You can find all of the games listed above on the applications section of your Facebook page. Click here to become a fan of FIGHT! Magazine on Facebook.

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