Spring Fever

Our FIGHT! Girl search promised two winners and far be it from us to keep a good thing waiting. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to miss Erica Kern. After a chilly winter season, this Miami native is just the ray of sunshine we’ve been waiting for.

Hey Erica, what’s going on?

I’m getting ready to go to work in a little while actually.

Really? I thought you were off tonight?

Yeah, I’m so pissed. I wasn’t supposed to work, but they called me up.

Where are you working?

I work at Plunge, at the Gansevoort Hotel. It’s the rooftop lounge. It’s cool. It’s a really chill atmosphere.

Sweet. The next time we’re partying in South Beach can we get a table?

Defi nitely. Just let me know!

So it’s been awhile since we last spoke. What have you been up to?

Well, I went back to Arizona for a few months to spend time with the family. At the end of September I moved back to Miami and I’ve just been modeling, doing castings and working at Plunge on the weekends.

What do you like doing in your spare time down there?

I just recently started going to the beach, it’s like this new thing for me. I love to go way out in the ocean and swim.

We’ll stick to the beaches where there are less sharks and the view is better thank you.

Well, in San Diego I’m so scared to go in the water, but I guess here it’s clear so it’s not that bad. Other than that, I just like to spend time with friends. I also have two french bulldogs that I’m obsessed with. I love dogs!

Hear that Georgia fans? A bulldog lover. Are you liking living down there?

I am. I’ve been here off and on for three years now. I moved here when I was 19. I kinda had my wild stage then and I’m kinda getting over it now.

Really? Most people your age are just getting started with their wild streak.

I’m not a party girl I promise! I mean, here in South Beach people call you every day, there’s something to do every night, and there’s just always so much going on and I’m just ready to chill out a bit. So I think this might be my last year here.

Where would you relocate to this time?

I want to move back towards the west coast because I want to be closer to my family in Arizona. I’ve been thinking about going to San Diego because it’s only about two hours from home. I love it there, I practically grew up in San Diego.

Would you continue modeling?

Honestly, I’m about done with the modeling. I’m planning on going back to school to study broadcast journalism.

That could work out well if you decide to stick around the MMA scene.

Yeah, I feel like it goes hand in hand with what I’ve been doing and I’m comfortable speaking on camera. I’m defi nitely ready to start a new career but I’ve still got a lot to fi gure out. It’s just that I’ve been doing the modeling thing since I was 15 so I just feel like it’s time for something new.

Wow, 15? And how old are you now?

I’m 22.

How did you wind up in South Beach?

Out of nowhere, I just decided to move to Miami after high school. It was kinda scary because I’m from such a small town.

So we know you’re a big UFC fan, have you been keeping up with the fi ghters?

I have been. I’m so excited that Cain Velasquez is doing so great in the UFC. He’s from my hometown and went to the same high school as me. It’s really cool since Yuma is such a small town. We’re all really proud of him! Chuck is still my favorite though. It sucks because I work weekend nights so I end up having to watch everything on the internet. My parent’s are huge fans too though and my mom texts me what’s going on during work.

That’s great! You know Chuck is fi ghting Shogun soon.

Yeah, April 18th right?

Yup, you got it.

I’m excited about that. He needs to win… he HAS to win!

He could defi nitely use the victory.

I’m gonna try to watch that one but I’ll probably be getting the live text version.

So do you have a prediction for us?

Chuck, by KO in the second

You heard it here fi rst! Thanks Erica, we’ll see you soon!

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