Brittney Palmer

Hey Brittney, how’s Las Vegas been treatin’ ya lately?

Las Vegas is great of course!

Are you originally from there?

No, I was born in San Diego CA, and I moved to Las Vegas when I was six years old.

Do you ever miss your home town?

Sometimes, I miss the weather, I love the water and the beach, but for the most part I grew up in Las Vegas so this is really my home, but probably just the weather.

We’re sure the beach misses you as well. So how did you swing the whole WEC ring girl thing?

Well, my agency gave me a call one day, and told me there was a casting call at Caesar’s Palace. So I put on my cute little dress and walked on down there. I just had to walk around with this big card and they picked me!

We can see why, the WEC is two for two with Christie and now you. Do you guys get a long?

Christie and I get along fi ne. It’s good sometimes to get away from your usual circle of friends and have a work buddy to hang out with.

So no rivalry there huh? What about with the UFC girls?

You know, I’ve only met one of them, Arianny, and it was only briefl y so no rivalry there. We all get along. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get to know them better though (laughing).

So you got into the whole ring card thing without really being involved with MMA?

Yeah, I was just modeling and I auditioned and got it.

What do you think about the sport now that you’re surrounded by it all the time?

You know what, I love it. But the more I get to see it, you know, I get to see every detail being front row, I see everything. And it’s almost scary now because you get to know the fi ghters and get to know who they are as people and they’re really great guys, and then you watch them get their face smashed in. Even though you know its work, its still just like.. Ahhhhh.. that sucks, that’s my buddy!

So who is your favorite fi ghter?

Oh probably Urijah. And Razor Rob, he’s a cool guy too.

Defi nitely good dudes. What sort of stuff do you look for in a guy?

Oh, he has to be funny. He has to make me laugh everyday, that’s the number one thing. Defi nitely caring and not really into himself. He can’t be the kind of guy that’s always looking in the mirror, or always watching his weight, or worried about what he’s eating, cus that’s my job. I don’t wanna compete with my boyfriend.

What do you do for work when there isn’t a fi ght going on?

I’m actually a dancer in a show at the Flamingo, X Burlesque, it runs seven nights a week.

We can see how you keep your fi gure, seven nights a week is a lot of dancing.

Well after you’re used to it, you don’t feel like you’re getting much of a work out, it sucks. The show is cool though, we dance to a bunch of different music, rock, hip hop. I’m more of a pussycat dolls style dancer than hip hop though.

So is rock and hip hop your music of choice?

I listen to all sorts of stuff.

What are three albums you can’t live without?

Umm.. Sara Bareilles defi nitely, Sublime, 40 oz. to freedom. Um… and what would be my other one. Oh my god, would it be so lame to say Brittney Spears Toxic? That pretty lame, but yeah.

You’re a showgirl so we’ll let it slide. Got any good stories from the casino fl oor?

Oh lots. Hmmm… Well, one time I was on stage doing a number, and my costume, the bottom and sides, unsnapped. And all of a sudden, all I was wearing was this little sparkley thong type thing. It was completely right in front of everyone like BOOM. And so I’m there in something that makes me look almost completely naked I Just had to keep going until i could walk through the curtain and get off stage. It was really embarrassing.

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