5 Minutes with Keith Jardine

Who were some of your role models growing up?

My dad of course. I always looked up to my dad. He was a hard worker, a real man’s man type guy.


How did you get into MMA?

I was playing some football at a college in Northern New Mexico and I met one of Greg Jackson’s students. I trained with him a couple times and realized I was pretty good at it. So I drove to Albuquerque and met with Greg Jackson a couple times and decided that I wanted to move up there and train with him


What do you do for fun when you aren’t training?

I’m kind of a coffee shop and read a book kind of guy. I love movies, I love watching movies. I’ve been in a couple of movies recently. They’ve been a blast.


What movies were you in?

I got two movies coming out. One is called “Game” and the other is called “Beer for my Horses”


MMA is a pretty cool gig…what’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Worst job I’ve ever had … I had it for like 1 or 2 days. I remember I was selling cable door to door. It was only like 1 or 2 days but I definitely realized it wasn’t for me. I’m not much of an outgoing personality so that doesn’t translate into someone who sells stuff to people.


Where do you rank yourself amongst the light-heavies in the world right now?

Number one contender in the UFC which means number one contender in the world. That’s where I see myself but honestly I don’t really care about all that stuff. I kinda got caught up in politics a little while ago and I don’t care anymore. I just want to fight the best guys. Everybody that is in anybody’s top 5 list… I wanna fight those guys. If I win a few of those fights in a row, I’m gonna end up with the title. That’s the way I look at it. I’m in it for the marathon and not the sprint.


In the movie of Keith Jardine, who would you want to play Keith Jardine?

Aww, I’d have to play myself.


Nobody you have in mind that could pull off that roll?

No, absolutely not, I’d have to play me. If I HAD to pick one guy, I met him, he’s a really cool guy, Gerry Butler. I was in that movie Game with him. He’s a real humble, cool guy. He might be able to pull it off.


What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment still hasn’t happened yet.


What’s the best and worst thing about being a fighter?

The best thing is you get to do what you love. I get to work out twice a day and that’s my job. The worst thing is that I have to work out twice a day and that’s my job.


And now for the FIGHT! Magazine final two questions… What song do you jam out to when you are alone that no man should ever be caught listening to?

Ha! Ya know what? There is no song like that. I listen to some Tom Waits and I’m not ashamed about that!


Finally. Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, or Jessica Biel?

Jessica Biel, no question.


And Biel takes down another. Still no love for Simpson. Always a pleasure Keith.


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