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In the exploding world of MMA, it’s sometimes hard for fans to notice some of the amazing fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. We’ve enlisted the experts at to take you deep inside the sport, and present you with some of the newest names to watch.


Name: Gina Carano

Nickname: “Conviction”

Professional Record: 4-0

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 135lbs

Discipline: Muay Thai

Notable Wins: Elaina Maxwell, Rosi Sexton


MMA is a man’s sport, right?

Beautiful and highly skilled Gina Carano would certainly say otherwise. The daughter of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Glenn Thomas Carano, Gina is quickly making a name for herself. Carano found her calling in martial arts while training under Master Toddy during the last three years. With a professional Muay Thai record of 12-1-1, the talented 25-year-old transitioned her kickboxing background into MMA and hasn’t looked back.

Carano fought in the very first sanctioned MMA female match in the state of Nevada, and has remained undefeated thus far in her career, with a record of 4-0. At EliteXC’s inaugural event, Carano and her opponent, Julie Kedzie, stole the show with an exciting fight in the only women’s match of the evening. Considered the fight of the night by many viewers and fans, Carano used her superior striking technique to entertain the crowd and earn a unanimous decision after three rounds.

Gina recently joined Team Randy Couture and the Extreme Couture Gym in Las Vegas. She has impressive wins over Elaina Maxwell and Rosi Sexton, and after her appearance on MSNBC’s Warrior Nation, Gina Carano has become one of the most recognizable faces in women’s MMA today. Training with some of the world’s best fighters, her opportunities and potential for improvement seem limitless.

According to Carano, “I just want to live up to expectations and do my best to be…or go beyond whatever I can be.”


Name: Alvin Robinson

Nickname: “Kid”

Professional Record: 8-1

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 155lbs

Discipline: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Notable Wins: Luke Caudillo


A 4th degree brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Royce Gracie affiliate John Crouch, Alvin Robinson is one of the most promising 155-pound fighters today. The Ring of Fire Lightweight Champion had a good year in 2006, winning three of four fights.

Aggressive on the ground, Robinson shoots in on his opponents, and actively works for a tapout. All eight of his victories have come by way of submission. In addition to his ground prowess, Robinson isn’t afraid to exchange blows with his opponents and throw an occasional superman punch. Since turning pro in 2005, Alvin has averaged four fights a year, and continues to be one of the busiest and most successful lightweights today.

“I try to make my game well-rounded, and I want to be able to give an exciting fight on my feet and on the ground,” commented Robinson. “I actually like standing up, throwing punches, and everything, but it’s just a little more dangerous because all it takes is one punch [to end a fight].”

At TKO 25, Robinson was scheduled to face Brazilian Top Team fighter Fabio Holanda.

“I was fighting for TKO, an organization that had sent several fighters to the UFC. I thought if I did well there, it would lead to a chance in the UFC.” Unfortunately for Robinson, he would suffer his first professional loss. Since that loss, Robinson has rebounded with three straight victories and a renewed sense of confidence.

As for career goals, Robinson wasn’t shy when it came to stating where he thought he’d be in the future. “If I can get into the UFC and win two or three fights in dominating fashion, I’d like to get a title fight, and this time next year I’d like to have UFC gold or be pretty close to it,” said Alvin. “I want to be considered one of the best fighters in the world at 155 or 145, and when I get there, I will take on all challengers, everybody, I don’t care who it is.”


Name: Donald Cerrone

Nickname: “Cowboy”

Professional Record: 6-0

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 155lbs

Discipline: Muay Thai

Notable Wins: Nate Mohr, Anthony Njokuani


Simply known as “Cowboy” by his fans, Donald Cerrone is one of the popular fighters in Denver, Colorado. Prior to his MMA career, Cerrone compiled a perfect record of 22-0-1 as a kickboxer. Ironically, all of the former pro bull rider’s MMA victories have come by way of submission.

“I’m a stand-up fi ghter, but MMA has forced me to learn the ground game,” said Cerrone. “When the guys want to go to the ground, we’ll go to the ground. If they want to keep it standing, we’ll stand. So I’ll kind of take it to wherever the other guy wants to take the fight.”

Walking into the ring wearing his signature cowboy hat, Cerrone knows how to entertain the crowd with his athleticism and a striking style similar to Duane “Bang” Ludwig.

Possessing fast and powerful legs, Cowboy is capable of finishing a fight with a high kick. Training with Greg Jackson and guys like Nate Marquardt, Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, Joey Villasenor, and others at Jackson’s Submission Grappling in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Cerrone has developed into a well-rounded fighter. Undefeated after six fights, Cowboy has garnered new fans and recognition with each appearance. Not one to rush things, Cerrone is taking his career one step at a time.

“I just see where things drop and whatever happens, I’m not pushing anything. I just let what happens, happen,” explained the Colorado resident. “I don’t want to jump too soon and I don’t want to be held back too long. So I’m going to let my manager [do his job], see whatever contracts happen, and kind of let God’s will do his thing.”

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