Get to know the IFL

As everyone knows (at least I hope they know), I am the spokesman for the International Fight League (IFL). I host their show on MyNetworkTV, called IFL Battleground, with the beautiful Tiffany Fallon, and host International Fight League on FSN with the “voice of the IFL,” Kenny Rice.

I got involved with the IFL because, from the very beginning, I was impressed with how they treated their fighters, their coaches, assistant coaches, reporters… everybody.

The IFL is different than other organizations, mainly because they use a team concept. In order to provide fans with the best possible product, the IFL contacted several former fighters and champions. These fighters use the experience and knowledge they have gained over their legendary careers to train the younger fighters on their teams.

Each coach has five fighters plus an alternate under his wing, and those fighters are in five different weight classes, from light to heavy. The IFL competes in a ring. The warriors fight three four-minute rounds. In the rare case of a draw, a fourth round is added, and the winner of that round is declared the victor. When a team wins three of the five fights, they win the competition.

As in other team sports, such as basketball or football, the goal is to send your team to the playoffs. At the end of each season, a championship determines who has the best team in the league, or as the IFL would say, “who reigns supreme.”

Originally, I started out as head coach for the Anacondas. But when the IFL came to me and asked if I wanted to host their new shows, I had to do it. Why? Because I came to America to be in the entertainment business! It made the decision much easier knowing that Shawn Tompkins, the assistant coach who had helped me out a lot, would be able to step into my coaching shoes. Shawn is a phenomenal coach, and my guys already knew him from training, which made him an even more logical choice. He accepted the position and I moved into the booth.

At this moment, it looks like the Anacondas, Pitbulls, and Sabres are going to the playoffs, with the fourth spot still up for grabs. The championships will be decided on September 15th.

For more information about the IFL, please check out: Also, don’t forget to tune in for IFL Battleground on Mondays on MyNetworkTV, and the IFL show on FSN on Fridays! I will be contributing a regular column to FIGHT! to keep you up to date on all the latest developments in the IFL, and also give you some behind the scenes access.



Los Angeles Anacondas

Head Coach: Shawn Tompkins

New York Pitbulls

Head Coach: Renzo Gracie

Tokyo Sabres

Head Coach: Ken Yasuda

Quad Cities Silverbacks

Head Coach: Pat Miletich

So. California Condors

Head Coach: Marco Ruas

Nevada Lions

Head Coach: Ken Shamrock

Toronto Dragons

Head Coach: Carlos Newton

Seattle Tiger Sharks

Head Coach: Maurice Smith

Portland Wolfpack

Head Coach: Matt Lindland

Tucson Scorpions

Head Coach: Don Frye

San Jose Razorclaws

Head Coach: Frank Shamrock

Chicago Red Bears

Head Coach: Igor Zinoviev

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