UFC on Fox 8 Stat Attack

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UFC on Fox 8 Tweet-Sized Stats: It’s amazing what you can do in 140 characters or less.


Hardest Hitters by Total Knockdowns Scored: Guillard-12, Edwards & Ellenberger-8, Lawler-7.

Hardest Hitters by Knockdown Rate: Kedzie with a 17% knockdown rate. Guillard-13%, Lawler-9%, Ellenberger-7%.

Worst “Chins” measured by Rate of Knockdowns Received: Salas-10%, Castillo-7%, Kedzie-6%. Anomaly is Meza-100%=1 punch KD.

Highest Significant Strike Accuracy: Carmouche-59%, MacDonald-54%, Johnson, Danzig & Herman-50%.

Most Likely to Attempt Takedowns: Salas averages 5.9 attempts per 5-minute round. Chiesa-3.9, Smith-3.2, Castillo-2.6.

Best Takedown Defense (>10 atts):
Ellenberger-93%, MacDonald-89%, Masvidal-84%.

Longest Reach: MacDonald-76.5 inches.

Shortest Reach:
Kedzie-64.5 inches.

Most Accurate Power Head Strikers: Moraga-43%, Carmouche-38%, Voelker-37%, MacDonald & Danzig-36%.

Oldest Fighter:
Edwards-36 years.

Youngest Fighter:
Andrade-21 years.

Best Head Striking Defense: Edwards, who defends >84% of head strikes by opponents.

Worst Head Striking Defense: Herman, who only defends 59% of standing head strikes.

Highest Paced Fighter:
Voelker, who attempts on average 12.2 significant strikes per minute.

Fun Facts

  • UFC on FOX 8 is the first UFC card to have two women’s bouts. Liz Carmouche faces Jessica Andrade & Julie Kedzie fights Germaine de Randamie.
  • Demetrious Johnson is defending the UFC Flyweight Title for only the second time. No other fighter has ever held this belt.
  • Rory MacDonald turned 24 years old on Monday. He is the second youngest fighter on the card.
  • Rory MacDonald & Jake Ellenberger have identical takedown success rates of 58%. MacDonald attempts TDs at a slightly higher pace.
  • Ed Herman only spends 18% of his time in the Octagon standing and trading.
  • Aaron Riley has only spent 14% of his fight time on the ground, but was in control for 84% of those minutes

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