UFC 162 Stat Attack

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Superlatives for UFC 162 Fighters:

UFC 162 Hardest Hitters by Knockdown Rate are Anderson Silva-17%, Edson Barboza-14%, and Gabriel Gonzaga-12%.

Most Total Knockdowns Scored for UFC 162 fighters: Anderson Silva-17, Denis Siver-7, and Leben/Gonzaga/Barboza all with 5.

Worst “Chins” at UFC 162 measured by Rate of Knockdowns Received: Andrew Craig-14%, Roger Gracie-13%, Dave Herman-9%, and Mark Munoz-8%.

Most Knockdowns Received for UFC 162 fighters: Leben and Siver have 5, Edgar, Munoz, and Gonzaga have 4, and Herman has 3.

Highest Significant Strike Accuracy at UFC 162 is Anderson Silva at 68%. He’s the most accurate in history. Least accurate at UFC 162 is Dennis Siver-32%.

Most likely to attempt takedowns at UFC 162: Mark Munoz averages 3.3 attempts per 5-minute round. Kennedy-2.6, Edgar-2.5, Pierce-2.5.

Best Takedown Defense at UFC 162 (>10 atts): Tim Kennedy-82%, Anderson Silva-81%, and Gabe Gonzaga-79%. Weidman is a perfect 100% on 7 atts.

Other Notable Facts:

Shock UFC 162 Stat: Chris Leben is only 32 years old. However, that’s in regular human years. In fight years, he is actually much, much older.

UFC 162 will be Frankie Edgar’s first non-title fight since 2009. He fought for a belt in 7 consecutive fights over 34 rounds and went 3-3-1.

Mike Pierce has only lost to current/former title contenders. He is on a 3-fight win streak, yet he is the first UFC 162 Facebook prelim fight.

Anderson Silva and Frankie Edgar have each faced 57 takedown attempts by their opponents. Silva defended 81% of them, Edgar only 61% UFC 162.

Highest paced fighter at UFC 162 is Dennis Siver, who averages 12.9 significant strike attempts per minute. Silva is the lowest at 4.9.

What’s a bigger surprise? Tim Boetsch’s takedown success rate is only 36%, or Mark Munoz’s is only 23%?

Main Event:

Anderson Silva is the UFC record holder for knockdowns scored with 17. A distant second is Chuck Liddell with 14 knockdowns.

Fun Fact: overall historic accuracy of Significant Strikes in the UFC =~42%. For Anderson Silva it’s ~68%, the highest of any fighter #GOAT.

UFC 162 Anderson Silva has only been an underdog once in his UFC career, the first time he fought Rich Franklin. Silva is 16-0 in the UFC.

Weidman’s perfect 7/7 takedown defense may not be needed at UFC 162. Anderson Silva only has 4 takedown attempts in his entire UFC career.

In his 5 UFC fights to date, Weidman has yet to be knocked down or taken down. On the ground he has been in control 100% of the time.

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