MMA 101 – The BANG Muay Thai System

As the new striking coach for Team Alpha Male, former UFC fighter Duane “Bang” Ludwig has come out of the gate firing. Three of his Team Alpha Male fighters (Joseph Benavidez, Chad Mendes, and TJ Dillashaw) earned knockouts on the UFC on Fox 7 card, while Urijah Faber’s crisp striking helped him earn a submission win at the TUF 17 Finale.

With more than 50 kickboxing bouts and 30 MMA fights under his belt, Ludwig knows a thing or two about the striking game, and his BANG Muay Thai affiliate gyms ( are popping up all over the country. “The team is doing all the hard work,” says Ludwig. “BMT is just helping them become even more badass ninjas.”

This month, Ludwig and Team Alpha Male bantamweight TJ Dillashaw show readers a combo from the BMT System. Follow closely, as BANG Muay Thai has its own terminology. Leave it to Ludwig to create his own codes.

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1) Duane and TJ square off in orthodox stances.

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2) TJ begins his BANG Muay Thai “3-Shake-Fit In” combo by throwing a left jab. The goal is to get your opponent’s attention by attacking upstairs. It’s important to keep your feet in sync with your hands.

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3) TJ throws a right cross, while protecting his chin with his left hand.
4) TJ finishes his initial combo with a left hook.
5) TJ changes levels and begins his “shake” (shaking his head to the outside) and “fit in” (stepping with his left leg to the outside of Duane’s right leg for a fake shot). Now TJ’s head is to the outside and “off the tracks,” which keeps Duane from connecting with a cross or overhand.

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6) As Duane’s hands drop to counter/defend the shot, TJ drives forward in a southpaw stance, as if he is finishing the double-leg takedown.
7) TJ explodes upward and throws a left cross.
8) TJ finishes the combo by throwing a right hook.

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Optional Double-Leg Finish

If Duane doesn’t counter/defend the shot correctly in #6, TJ can finish the double-leg by cutting the angle and driving Duane 45 degrees to end up in mount or side control.

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