MMA 101 : January 2013

Pick your opponent apart with a jab to knee-pick combo.

Rashad Evans averages 3.7 takedowns per 15 minutes in the cage, with a takedown accuracy level above 50 per- cent. The former Michigan State wrestler knows how to get the fight to the mat—a good strategy against Muay Thai World Champion and fellow Black zilian Tyrone Spong. In this MMA 101, Rashad shows readers how to set up and finish his knee-pick takedown.

1) Rashad and Tyrone square off in or thodox stances. Remember to keep your chin tucked and your right hand up to protect your face

2) Rashad throws his left jab and returns to his star ting position.

3) Rashad can continue to feint the left jab to get a sense of Tyrone’s reactions.

4) Rashad throws his left jab again.

5) This time, Rashad changes levels by bending at his knees. He uses his left jab to push Tyrone’s shoulder, while picking Tyrone’s knee with his right hand.

6) Rashad continues to drive through Tyrone, pushing with his left hand and pulling with his right.

7) Rashad secures the takedown by blocking Tyrone at the knees to prevent an up-kick. Rashad can choose to throw combos from his feet or take the fight to the mat.

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